Things to Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

Things to Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that today our world revolves around our smartphones. From writing to-do lists, to making and accepting payments, browsing social media, staying connected with our office 24X7, playing games, clicking pictures, the list could go on and on! If chosen wisely, a smartphone can declutter us considerably, arming us with one device for multiple uses. So, how do we choose the best smartphone? With new phones being launched almost every month, we are spoiled for choices. There are a few key points to tick off before zeroing in on the most suitable option as per one’s needs.

1. Usability

If calls and WhatsApp chats are your primary uses, then you need not go into details for these basic features. However, if you are looking for gaming of other creative uses then you must consider more factors. Do you want longer battery life, or swanky features, or higher pixels on the camera? Check whether the phone that you ‘like’ is actually the phone that you should buy!

2. Storage and RAM

Next time you buy a smartphone, first consider factors like storing movies and music, high intensity gaming etc. Check for the storage space that pre-installed apps take up in the phone. Based on your usability, choose between 64 to 256 GB storage space. Although there are 32 GB versions too, a minimum storage of 64 GB with external memory card would be a wiser option. 4 GB RAM should be a safe bet for a good smartphone.

3. Battery Life

Considering that we are always hooked to our phones for some or the other reason, it is very crucial to check the battery life of a phone before making the choice. Larger battery and rapid charging feature are things to look out for. If you want a very high-resolution screen then you might have to compromise on battery life. For basic usage a 3000mAh battery is sufficient, but if you want your phone to last the entire day and use it heavily too, then you must opt for 5000mAh battery.

4. Display and Design

A smartphone should allow fast and easy typing and swiping and should be accessible with one hand, to avoid making it feel like a tab! Make sure to check the brightness of the phone for outdoor usage and consider a size between 5.8-6.4 inches for proper visibility. OLED screens have better contrast than LCD screens.

5. Camera Quality

The most important lookout factor for a smartphone is definitely the camera. Before buying a smartphone, along with megapixels, also zoom in on features like auto-focus, optical stabilization and lens quality to make full use of the camera.

6. Pricing

With pricing, we come to the most important aspect of choosing the right smartphone. If you want to buy the best smartphone available, with the latest technology and features, then you might have to dig a large hole in your pocket. However, with a few websites offering low cost and no cost EMI and even giving an option of EMI without holding credit cards, spending a few extra bucks on a smartphone should not be that big an issue after all!

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