Tips To Expand your Network as an Artist

Tips To Expand your Network as an Artist

No talent is good enough if you don’t let it reach its destiny.

There are plenty of examples of the existence of great talents going in vain. Why? One or another, the main reason remains same; lack of networking.

As an artist, you may hold some extraordinary skills to weave your imagination into patterns through the stroke of strikingly beautiful colours. But, your ability won’t find the right applauds if you do not know how to build connections.

Like any other business, networking is quite essential for artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. The subtle art of reaching and engaging people in your industry is what keeps you ahead of everyone else.

If some art lover wants to buy Indian art, he/she will definitely seek the prominent artists of the particular art forms first. What makes these artists so known apart from their dazzling work?

Well, it’s their ability to engage with the correct audience.

This article is being scribbled down to offer the tips to artists (like you) to expand your network and shine like a star. Let’s have a look:

Your pitch

As an artist, who design and craft mesmerising work, you should be always prepared for the audience.

Be a toddler or a pro artist, you should be smart enough to prepare an elevated pitch for your audience. The pitch as it is said comprises a succinct description of your work, your inspiration, and the idea that pops up.

When an art aficionado steps up to buy Indian art (Or any other art form) from you, he/she will expect some brief from your side.

Now it all depends on you and your pitch. If you prepare your pitch in an effective manner, there is a higher probability to draw more eyes towards your artwork.

You can rehearse this pitch to the people in public places to boost your confidence and make it much better.

The more you prepare the easy it gets to pitch yourself in high-pressure circumstances.

Connection is the key

If you would keep the ultimate goal as selling, you won’t be able to build a solid connection with your audience.

These art admirers are looking for ways to connect with more and more artists. So, you must grab and utilise this opportunity.

Do not converse with the objective of selling your work. It’s not going to help you. Instead, make sure to connect with people to build a strong bond that will ultimately help you in monetary terms.

Art is supposed to be understood by heart, hence, artists should reach the heart of people. This you can do by listening carefully and then replying to the queries.

Getting contact details

Few artists dream of making a connection in the first meeting to get their first solo show. This is the biggest blunder you can do as an artist.

Instead, what you should do is to keep your entire focus on finding out what’s happening with your audience. Engage in the conversation and get to know the story behind the art collector’s passion.

Always remember to collect the business card of the art admirers. This helps you in acquiring the information of the people who are likely to become your audience.

Give a personal touch

When you acquire the contact details of the art experts who want to buy Indian art online or any other form of art, send them a brief introductory e-mail.

This practice tells the art collectors about the enthusiasm of the artist. Ensure to personalise this email to the maximum.

Because if you send only a promotion mail, it would be just another attempt to acquire customers.

As an artist ensure to bring your creative flair to your emails too. This will draw the art aficionado’s attention towards you.

Once that is done, then you can send the details regarding your show announcements, studio visit invites and the latest work.

Always be prepared

Art collectors can anytime ask you the price list and what work you have done. The more you delay in offering this information, the less likely it becomes to build a strong relationship.

Ensure to be ready with information about your artwork along with the price so that you can send it promptly if required.

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