Hair Products and Tips To Help You With Air Drying Your Hair

Hair Products and Tips To Help You With Air Drying Your Hair

Most women spend hours each morning using hair products and heat to get the perfect blowout, curls, or waves. While you may look like an absolute goddess, it can take up precious time every morning to try and style your hair, not to mention the damage heat can do when you heat use it to style your hair everyday. So what’s the answer to perfectly tousled tresses? More stylists are recommending air drying. While it is the simple way to let Mother Nature do its thing and give your hair a break from the heat, it can look less boho babe and more frizzy frump. With a few simple hair products, you can let your hair air dry naturally without the hassle. To unleash the natural bounce and glory of your hair, follow these major dos and don’ts for air drying your hair.

Throw in The Towel

Not to give your towel away entirely, however, most bath towels have the tendency to make your hair more frizzy because they roughen the hair cuticle. Using an ultra-absorbent or microfibre towel will help to remove the moisture in your hair, but if you can’t find one, an old t-shirt is a great alternative. All you have to do is ring your hair with your cotton t-shirt, and wrap it around your hair while it dries. A tip is not to wrap your towel or shirt like a turban as this can pull on hair roots causing further breakage.

Comb on Through

Knotty hair not only looks like a mess, at can break and become frizzy when you do try to tame it. To keep your curls under control, after you have removed excess moisture from your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle your hair while you’re in the shower or when you first get out. You shouldn’t wait too long to comb through your hair, as this can help set your wave pattern. If your hair is too tangly, hair products like spray-in conditioner or de-tangling spray will make it much easier and help to minimise frizz. When combing your hair, start with small sections at the bottom or your hair, and work your way up.

Surf The Wave

A bit of texture can really help to keep your curls without heat. Scrunching your hair with mousse is great for nice tight curls, simply start at the roots and work your way to the ends. But if you want loose beachy waves, sea salt spray is one of the best hair products around. Whether you use mousse or spray, it’s best to flip your head upside down as you scrunch from the bottom up, scrunching from the bottom will also help to encourage your curls or waves. Don’t have the time, another quick tip is to twist your hair into a bun for 10-20minutes (while you get dressed and put on your make-up), as you let your hair air dry, and take it down just before you leave the house. You could also braid your hair for a similar effect. Remember, if your hair is still wet, avoid using a tight hair elastic as this will leave dents in your hair, instead, secure it with a fabric hair tie or silk scarf. For those that shower at night before bed, any buns, braids, or twists can be put in your hair so you wake up with beautiful bouncy curls in the morning.

Let it Loose

The best thing about leaving your curls in overnight, you won’t even need to brush your hair, just let the curls hang loose. Use a comb or just your fingers to style hair, and use a bit of dry shampoo or other types of root lifting hair products to give you a bit of volume at the roots. If your hair is a bit dry at the ends, just add a bit of Argan or Moroccan oil. Once you are all done, a bit of lightweight hairspray will set the look for the rest of your day.

And there you have it. A few simple steps and a couple of hair products and you will have perfect curls or waves without the heat. To learn more about perfect hair products for curly hair you can contact us online at any time.

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