The Undeniable Truth about Northern India Food That You Might Not Know

The Undeniable Truth about Northern India Food That You Might Not Know

Popularity of Food in India

There is no denying fact that the soil of India is characterized by its different lifestyles, tradition, culture, and diversity which makes it a country to live. The amalgamation of various religions offers a range of options for food to the people who live here. Be it any religious ceremony, ritual, wedding, birthday celebration or any personal event, you will get a variety of dishes making you tempted to eat. On top of that, the increasing popularity of several numbers of online spices stores has also made it easy for chefs to prepare delicious and mouthwatering cuisines. And thanks to one more thing, Indians are bestowed with a number of festivals where they indulge in various types of scrumptious food.

What Is So Special About North Indian Food?

If we especially talk about the northern part of India, it would not be incorrect to say that this particular region is next to heaven. For all those who have peppery, tangy and spicy taste buds, you should definitely try feasts here. To be honest, food varies from state to state in the northern India. So it’s a bit difficult to explain the perfect North Indian cuisine. Be it street Chaat of Delhi, Dal-Bati Churma of Rajasthan, Rogan Josh of Kashmir or Chhole Bhature of Punjab, the list of flavorsome cuisines is endless here. The people of north India enjoys their food like anything. You cannot keep them away from food for a longer time.

Some of the Famous Traditional North Indian Dishes

Chana Masala – It comes from the soil of Punjab and has a flavorful & delicious taste. Now you can buy chana masala online to make it more scrumptious but every each region has their own way of making it.

Chhole Bhature – It comes from the various authentic kitchens of northern India. It is an ultimate combination of fluffy Bhature & chickpeas aka Chhole cooked in spices. You can also add pickles to your plate to make it more delicious.

Rogan Josh – It is a non-vegetarian dish that comes from the kitchens Kashmir. It is one of the signature dishes of the valley. People who love meat related dishes can taste this for a mouthwatering taste.

Biryani – Biryani is one of the most favorite dishes of northern India has eaten mostly in Lucknow & to its neighboring cities. It is a chicken cooked with a number of spices. It can be best enjoyed with spicy chutney, achchar, and other regional curries.

Butter Chicken – When it comes to butter chicken water automatically comes from the mouth. Prepared with various masala powders, cream, and puree, it has a special place in the hearts of foodies.

Dahi Bhalla – It is one of the most famous street snacks of India prepared with delicious bhallas wrapped with chaat masala, sour & sweet chutney and sweet curd.

One Last Thing

It is just a glimpse as the list is unending. Here you will get a variety of delectable dishes to make your taste buds pamper like never before.

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