Types of Hiking Hat

Types of Hiking Hat

Hiking is a very famous adventure all around the USA. With proper equipment, hiking is a great experience for the hiker.

Hat is a very important and essential equipment for the hikers. There is various kind of hiking hats available in the market. Hiking hats can be classified by their usefulness in different environment and situation.

In this post, I am going to describe the types of hiking hat that you can find in the market.

Different types of hiking hat

In this article, you will find what type of hats available in the market and various hats according to the types.

Hiking hat categories

Hiking is a pure adventure. Hat is very popular among these adventure lovers.

Hikers choose their hats according to the weather they are going to hike in. So, we can say that hiking hats can be classified by their use in different weathers.

According to the use in different weather and climate, hiking hats can be two types:

  • Hiking hat for summer
  • Hiking hat for winter

That means, when you are going for hiking in the summer season or summer dominated areas, you will have to use the summer hiking hats. On the other hand, when you are hiking in winter or in winter dominated area, you should use a hat for winter.

Hiking hat for summer

There are some specific hats which you can use in summer weather. Such as:

The classic sun hat

When you talk about hats, there is an image that comes in your mind. Yes, we are talking about that hat with a crown on the top and wide round brim.

It is called the classical sun hat. They are the best hats to use in summer. The wide round brim of the hat protects your eyes, head, face and neck from the beating sun.

The dangerous UV rays coming from the sun can harm your eyes and skin. There are some places you would love to hike, has no shades over your head and direct sunlight fell on you.

Classic sun hats will protect you from those harmful rays.

Some sun hats have a long flap on the backside. So, your whole neck will be covered by the long flap.

Most of the sun hats have a good air ventilation feature. Cool air can pass through the ventilation system and keep you cool in extremely hot weather.

There is also a sweat management system that will soak the sweat from your head and stop them from going into your eyes.

Sun hats have chin cords. This cord will hold the hat on your head in the strong windy situation.

Baseball caps

Though the name of this hat is a baseball hat and it is mostly used by the baseball players, it is also very famous among the hikers.

It will not cover the full face and neck of yours like the sun hats. The curved half brim will protect your face and eyes from the sun.

So, this hat is perfect for normal weather where there will be no extreme heat and sun.

Wearing this hat is very easy and convenient.

This cap provides a casual stylish look to its user. You can also choose it as your daily wear.

But, you cannot pack this hat like the sun hats because of the hard brim. So, it is not possible to pack and place it in your backpack. But you can hold it in your belt holder with the strap it has in the back.

Hiking hat for winter

When you are going hiking in western Europe or some other cold climate place, there are some hats to match in that extreme situation. Such as:

The beanie hat

The beanie hat is perfect for cool weather hiking. Normal winter in USA and Europe is perfect to use this hiking hat.

These are classic and affordable hats. The main advantage of this hat is, it fits very well to its users’ head.

The material of this hat is wool. They are also made from wool blend or acrylic. Acrylic ones are generally waterproof.

This hat will keep your ear and head warm.

Winter hat

Winter hats are perfect for extremely cold weather. Such as ice is dripping from the sky.

They are insulated and made from thick material. Layers of thick material protect your ears, neck, and head from the extreme cold.

There is mash in the hat to protect your mouth area.

The design of this hat ensures maximum safety from a sub-zero weather situation.


So, from the above information, it is clear that hiking hats are classified according to the weather and climate situation. While you are buying a hiking hat for yourself, buy it according to the area you are going to hike. It is obvious that you cannot use a winter hat under extreme sun. So, choose wisely and perfectly.

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