What are The Best LED Lights For a Garage?

What are The Best LED Lights For a Garage?

Garages are multipurpose units as workshops, storage areas, and parking garages; they require functional light fixtures that increase compliance and reduce electrical costs.  There are several kinds of garage light fixtures available in the market.

Why are LED lights preferred?

LED lighting significantly reduces cost and has a brighter lumen output. LEDs are better than their traditional counterparts in terms of energy-saving, maintenance cost, and efficiency.

LED garage lights are efficient in their versatile incorporative features, which makes them a preferable choice for garage lighting systems.

Types of led garage lights

Led shop lights

Led shop lights are easy to install as they plug into the nearest socket. These lights are cheap and efficient for on-hand tasks. They are available in two designs to hardwire and industrial, making them easy to install in ceilings or suspend the light fixture through chains, pendants, etc. They direct light downwards and are a good fit as task lights in areas with high ceilings. Shop lights are inexpensive and very handy in workshops.

Led high bays

High bay fixtures have a high lumen output and constant glare-free light. LED high bay fixtures to use integrated LEDs with high CRI rating and correlated color temperature, which makes it possible to produce consistent and efficient illumination. Linear high bays are for general lighting as they cover larger open spaces, and they have a uniform, wide light distribution, whereas round high bays can do the narrow light distribution.

Led tubes

These lights are single or double tube fixtures. They can retrofit fluorescent T8 tube lights depending on the choice of the fixture. T8 tubes flush to the ceiling or hang low from the ceiling through chain mounts. Since fluorescent tubes are not that safe and efficient, they have been replaced by LED T8 tubes

Led wraparound lights

Wraparound garage fixtures come with an acrylic lens that covers over the LED bulbs inside. Wraparound lights diffuse the light in all directions equally. They provide an excellent compact look to space and do not expose the bulbs to the environment. Depending on the fixture’s choice, wraparound lights either suspend from the ceiling, flush mount or hang low.

Led canopy lights

LED canopy lights are safe to use in workshops and parking garages. They have led bulbs that reduce time and money spent on maintenance. They are available in both round and square fixtures with high CRI rating and customizable color temperatures; they are compact fixtures suitable for garages.

Led vapor tight

LED vapor tight fixtures can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are gasket luminaires sealed against dust, dirt, and water entry; LED vapor tight fixtures are quite a good fit for parking garages. These fixtures can both suspend from the ceiling or mount on the surface. LED vapor tight fixtures are operable at a low temperature; they are cost-effective as they have a longer life span and little to no maintenance cost. They are available in various designs and support motion sensor integration. They also have a built-in emergency backup that powers the light for up to 90 minutes in case of a power failure.


These are the best and most widely used garage light fixtures customized for workshops or areas prone to certain harmful environmental factors like dust, water, and freezing temperatures. Suited for harsh environments, LEDs make an enormous difference in space’s overall look and functionality, evidently enhancing it. The choice of fixture depends on the garage layout. These fixtures can be used together for light layering or separately for several reasons.

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