What Determines the Cost of Diamonds Melbourne?

What Determines the Cost of Diamonds Melbourne?

Diamonds have got a charm of their own, which attracts women no matter what colour, creed or caste they belong to. To buy any diamond engagement ring, we first ask for the Cost of Diamonds Melbourne. But wait! What decides this cost? If you ask me, how much the 2 or 1 carat diamond cost for, and then probably I would answer, sorry miss, I can’t help you with that. I am saying so because there are various factors which decide the cost of a diamond.

Its pricing is decided by numerous characteristics, right from colour to clarity & peril of diamonds, to the condition of world affairs, i.e. economic conditions around the world. These all characteristics do their job along with the standard 4Cs.

You don’t want to become a gemmologist, hence here are two primary attributes that basically decides the Cost of Diamonds Melbourne:

Some Essential Factors:

Undoubtedly carat weight being the important factor decides the cost of the diamond. It is true that all the 4 factors together impart the final cost to the diamond. But it is equally true that carat weight dominates them all.

Price of a diamond is determined per carat. Even if, diamond not a complete carat, it is priced according to per carat category.

The second important factor diamond’s cost is its colour. Other than the fancy coloured diamonds that are obviously much pricier, white diamonds are graded as per their yellowish pigment display. The natural stones of diamonds are graded on a chart from “D” to “Z”, & accordingly subcategorized into 6 different scale groups.

The third factor that is also important to know the cost of stone is its clarity. The scale of clarity evaluates the severity of the stone’s natural imperfections, or else referred to as blemishes or inclusions. Professionals use the clarity chart which includes five different scale categories (from “Imperfect” to “Flawless”), with the aim to determine the clarity of a stone. The better the clarity grade of a stone is, the higher the cost will get.

Some More About It

Now another factor which decides the price of the diamond is the standard list. Now how come one could suggest the pricing of a single round diamond as thousands of bucks? This comes from a standard diamond price list. This list held the price for various types of diamonds that varies in colour, clarity & carat weight. There are also some technical aspects that affect the cost of the diamond engagement ring.

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