What is a wedding website.

What is a wedding website.

A wedding website is any normal website with a home page, tabs, contact information and more. The only difference is that in a wedding website the entire focus is on the couples. The website starts with the couple’s story, goes on to talk about the couple’s wedding, event details, wedding registry and so much more. Here is a detailed explanation of what each stage represents in a wedding website.

Our story

This is the tab that depicts the couple’s story. Generally couples start talking about how they met and it goes on slowly to their story and ends at how and why they are getting married.. Based on the wedding website type, the couple can choose to add a timeline with dates and year or just stick to a generic paragraph that puts everything together in words.

Even details

This is where the wedding and its functions take focus. This is the place for the couples to add their function details in detail. But the couples can also choose to keep it brief. That’s totally up to the couple’s discretion. The event tab lets the couple add event date, day, venue and time too. The venue can also be linked to google maps for easy navigation of the event venue.

Gift registry

A gift registry  is a list of prefered gifts of the couple. Based on the type of couple and based on the preferences of couples, this list is finally listed. Most couples add a mixture of a variety of things – cookware, homeware, honeymoon packages and so much more.

RSVP details

This is the most important tab for wedding planning. This is the tab where the guest lets the couple know if they can make it. The only issue is that in India there is no importance placed on this tab because don’t feel the need to RSVP for the wedding.

The above features are common in all the above wedding website types. So what makes each wedding website type different? Just the kind of colours and design you pick. Here we go

Traditional – Think weddings! What can you imagine? Vibrant colours, flowers, peacock designs, rangoli, happiness, loud music and much more. The traditional type of wedding website is just that. Colour and design that reflect and remind one about weddings.

Spiritual – This for those who want to start their wedding celebrations with the blessings of the lord, there are some beautiful wedding website designs with motifs of lord vishnu, lord Ganesha and more.

Modern – If you wanted a different kind of invite for your friends then there are a lot of ways to make it personal. These modern wedding website designs are very cute and work for every modern couple.

Wedding app – While this is not a wedding website, it’s very similar to one. The tabs get converted to icons on the wedding app. Here too the format is the same. The first icon consists of the wedding story and wedding events. The second tab is the wedding gift registry. The third is the photo gallery where all the guests and the couples can send pictures to each other and the fourth is the social wall.

So pick from the best wedding websites and have great wedding.

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