Why Enamel is The Ideal Tea Companion

Why Enamel is The Ideal Tea Companion

There is no doubt that an Australian cup of tea and an old-style enamel mug go hand in hand. While traditional mugs can be associated with camping and the outback, these versatile vessels are equally at home in the modern kitchen, ready to hold a hot cup of tea. Enamel mugs are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity as a result of their superior capacity to hold tea.

First of all, it should be said that enamel mugs are generally much larger in volume capacity compared to everyday porcelain or china mugs. Regular sized mugs are often too small to be satisfying, and a whole pot of tea can be far too much for one person, and a waste of product. The enamel mug strikes the perfect balance, at around half a litre. Should you have friends around and be brewing for two, there are enamel coated tea pots available which offer similar advantages.

Enamel is an extremely durable surface which can withstand high heat over extended periods of time. Tetsubin tea brewing kettles are an example of a piece which specifically uses and interior enamel coating to prevent rust and maintain the rich flavor of the tea. An enamel mug is no different, and whether the tea is brewed in the mug or poured into it, this coating will ensure that the tea retains the best possible flavour as it was intended. Indeed, much older designs from the time of the Industrial Revolution were popular which had an enamel mug upside down which fitted atop an enamel brewing can. This contraption served the most important purposes of being portable, hardy and effective in brewing the perfect pot of tea.

Washing your enamel mug is very simple, and many modern models are dishwasher safe. Avid tea drinkers who are very particular about their tea may wish to have a separate enamel mug for their different types of tea, distinguishing for example between black and green. Over time, a slight patina can develop over this ever so slightly porous material. That being said, with regular cleaning and good care this should not be a problem. The large opening of enamel mugs makes them super easy to clean manually.

One common complaint about enamel mugs is that they lose heat more quickly compared to porcelain alternatives. It is true that the large opening can potentially lead to faster heat loss; however this also means that your tea can go from boiling to drinkable in a matter of minutes. Taking tiny sips of tea is not how the beverage is intended to be consumed, and so this cooling over time should not matter. If this is something that concerns you, there are modern designs which elongate the cylinder and decrease the circumference of the opening, such that heat loss is not as significant.

Tea is not simply a living room beverage, and avid tea drinkers will want to be able to enjoy a cup wherever they go. The enamel mug is a robust item which withstands knocks and bumps, meaning it is the perfect companion when you take your tea on the road. From camping to school and work lunches, the enamel mug is the perfect solution. Now when you have butterfingers, it won’t result in a dangerous mess, and the destruction of your favorite piece.

With the growing interest in enamelware, there are plenty of options for purchasing an Enamel Mug. In fact, you can match the classic bright glazes across an entire kitchenware set, with pots and storage containers. For a complete list of the impressive enamel mug range available.

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