Wire Binding – A Binding Solution That Professionals Admire!

Wire Binding – A Binding Solution That Professionals Admire!

When it comes to a document binding, there are several options that start reflecting in our mind to go with. Wire binding is one of the most popular binding solutions that is coming for many years. But, there is again a choice in wire binding such as metal wire binding and plastic comb binding. Now, the question is which type of wire binding is better and how? Well, the answer is clear that is metal wire binding. Yes, metal wire binding is a better choice as compared to plastic comb binding.

The reason we give wire binding more importance is that; its greater quality that makes them a universal choice for businesses, universities, government, printers, and people who look for elegance and quality in their documents.

Wire Binding

Being stronger, impressive and simpler to insert as compared to the plastic comb, wire enhances binding to a great extent. The binding wires available at Binding Outlet come with a distinct feel and superior quality than the plastic combs. As they are made of metal, they are heavier and hence, feature a better hold on documents, files or other printing materials.

What Wire Binding Process Is All About

To understand the effectiveness and strength of wire binding, you have to learn what it is and its process. So, in this binding, the binder uses a wire. Using this wire, the documents get bound together and form a look of a book or copy. A book which is metal wire bound gets the capability to open in rotation of 360 degrees. Binding Outlet has an incredible treasure for the supplies of metal wire binding in a variety of colours like blue, silver, white or black. Choose any colour of your choice and give your document copies a creative touch or strong feel as you desire. Binding wire at Binding Outlet is available in available in 9 different colours and in A4 or A5. We can even provide bespoke sizes.

Discussing Positive Features of Metal Wire Binding

As already discussed, this type of wire binding gets priority from people who want to add a professional touch and robust feel in their books or printing materials. Here are few key features that make metal wire binding the best choice for quality printing seekers.

  • This type of binding is a favourite option for those seeking an ability to open a bound book in 360-degree rotation.
  • The books bound with metal wire can be a great space saver on the desk because they can be folded from back to front with an ease.
  • This type of binding is usually preferred for books or notebooks featuring A4 or A3 sizes.
  • The wire made of metal gives a strong hold to pages and cover of the book in a truly professional way.
  • Specifically made metal wire eliminates the stress included to spines when bound copies are open.
  • The spine flexibility enables one to open a bound copy without letting it damaged.

Due to such an exceptional features and great qualities, metal wire binding proves to be a standout solution from all available binding options in the market. Now you can even edit a bound wire document which in the past you have been unable to do. Simply use one of the Renz wire opener devices to open a bound document.

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