With some tips you can make most out of Moroccan spray tan

With some tips you can make most out of Moroccan spray tan

A quality Moroccan spray tan can transform your appearance, making you look thinner and fresher. There’s something about a golden glow that enhances your look and makes your clothes stand out. If you are new to spray tanning and have booked an appointment, be sure to follow the steps below to get the best out of your tan.

Before your Moroccan spray tan

  • The night before your spray tanning appointment treat yourself to a long shower and exfoliate your skin Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, which can cause the fake tan to prematurely flake off. A good exfoliating session will ensure your body is the perfect canvas for your spray tan. When you get out of the shower avoid any of your usual moisturizing routines or spraying any fragrances. These products can act as a block to the spray tan solution and prevent an even colour from forming on your skin.
  • When it comes to personal grooming, perform your normal shaving schedule before your appointment. If you prefer waxing, than ensure you wax at least 1 to 2 day before your tan and not the night before.
  • When picking out your outfit for your spray tanning appointment choose something that is black and loose fighting. Avoid skinny jeans or tight tops, as they will rub where the tan is still developing and can cause uneven patches. In terms of underwear, if you can get away with not wearing a bra for a few hours after the appointment this will assist with the tan developing. If you are wondering about appropriate footwear, choose something like a sandal that has an open toe.

After your Moroccan spray tan

  • Once your spray tan has been applied it’s important to understand that the solution will continue to develop on your skin. A shower is necessary following a spray tan to stop the solution from developing too much. You should wait at least two hours before your shower to ensure the tan develops enough, however, anything over four hours is way too long. Not showering can make your tan turn a green shade or you could even end up looking like Ross Gellar after his spray tanning mishaps. Keep in mind this also applies to washing your hands.
  • When it comes time to shower, wash yourself thoroughly with soap. The water may turn a luscious bronze colour and you will notice after your wash your skin will be glowing with a beautiful tan. Unlike before your appointment, after your session it is extremely important to moisturize. Skin hydration is crucial in ensuring your tan stays even and enjoys a long lifespan. It will also make sure your tan gradually fades rather than leaving big obvious patches.
  • After you’ve showered don’t feel disappointed if you’re not as tanned as you think. The tan still has another 20 plus hours to do its thing and continue to develop. It’s not until the next day your tan’s potential will come to fruition.
  • If the weather looks threatening, make sure you take an umbrella to your spray tanning appointment. Rain can actually ruin your tan and cause white dots in  places where the drops have hit. In circumstances where rain is unavoidable, try and cover as much as you can during your desperate dash to the door.
  • Only use non-abrasive skin wash and stick to natural ingredients. Some chemicals in soaps and shower gels have the tendency to affect spray tans.
  • Before your shower it’s vital you don’t do anything that will make you hot and sweaty. The gym should be avoided before your shower at all costs, so give yourself a favour to have a night out.

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