Women’s Boxing Gloves – Adding Notes Before The Final Buy

Women’s Boxing Gloves – Adding Notes Before The Final Buy

While shopping for your very first boxing gloves, you will be lost in the pool of options available. You don’t even have the slightest clue on what to look for and the factors, which might be determining the best ever choice for you. Even the same goes for the women’s boxing gloves, which has to be right from the starting point only. Going through some testing might help you a lot in this regard.

Women Boxing Glove

Visiting a sports store to buy a pair of gloves is not the end of the story. Some of them are overpriced and not at all comfortable for you. But there are a few couples of pairs for you to choose with some basic ideas to look for. You better check that out before making the right choice.

Size The Perfect Boxing Gloves

It is always mandatory for you to size the perfect women’s boxing gloves before you end up investing money for the same. There are primarily three main considerations here. The first one happens to be the size, which will ensure a comfortable fit and minimize the risk of injury to fingers and hands.

  • 1) These boxing gloves are available in so many weights, ranging right from 8 to 20 oz with lighter ones used by professionals and during matches. Then you have the heavier ones with thicker padding and used by the novices and only for sparring.
  • 2) It is important to know that the boxing gloves are weighted in front or at the wrist. The front weighted ones are padded well around fingers, tempering force of blows and rear-weighted gloves. These women’s boxing gloves are perfect for the match use and only for pros. These items comprise of thinner fonts delivering harder blows.

Sold By Weight

It is mandatory for you to know that boxing gloves are sold by weight as measured in ounces but it will matter only if you are competing. Women still in the learning process or just boxing for the sake of fitness will use gloves in 12 to 16 oz range. It is always important to try these women’s boxing gloves on to see if they are comfortable enough. Make sure that you do not feel that the hands are swimming in gloves, but they should not even lose circulation. Remember that the weight might take some time to get used to as these gloves happen to be knuckle heavy and even wrist heavy.

Wraps For Extra Protection

Boxing Gloves Womens

Once you are through with the basics of the women’s boxing gloves, it is time for the extra protection around here. It is time for you to get some of the hand wraps for protecting wrists with boxing gloves and also decreasing impact on the knuckles and wrist.

  • a) Remember to use wraps with the gloves in such a way that you might use socks with running shoes. It is fine without it, but also quite better to have it by your side always.
  • b) Most of the places might even help you to buy some of the reusable hand wraps and they won’t cost you more than a few bucks.

Going For The Style

Make sure to check out the styles of the gloves before making a purchase. As you are dealing with women’s boxing gloves over here so style matters a lot. The style of the glove should match well with the protection level in this regard. Avoid going for the substantial gloves for just speed bag or even for the light work. But, if you are making plans to hit heavy bags, then the hands should be fully protected in this regard.

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