Xiaomi Mi A1 Price in Pakistan, Features Specs and Reviews

Xiaomi Mi A1 Price in Pakistan, Features Specs and Reviews

Foreign media highly praised the millet A1 mobile phone: life over 1 day, the absolute value for money

According to SlashGear website reported, millet A1 is the use of Google’s new price target wave of Android One smart phone in the first paragraph. For ordinary people, millet A1 is really no excitement, but for SlashGear editor Chris Burns (Chris Burns) this low-cost high-performance smart phone loyal fans, it is a Section of the exciting mobile phone. Millet A1 is basically a vest of the millet 5X, pre-installed with Google approved the most basic version of Andrews, which means that it is tested by the market, the hardware is reliable enough.

Millet A1 fuselage should look quite familiar. Millet in their own product design reference to the market the most common design elements, and make their products extremely affordable and famous. Burns evaluation of this millet A1 color is rose gold, at the time of release, it also has two other colors – black and gold.

Millet A1 display, with the so-called “low” smart phone is basically at the same level. In the past, the “low price” model means low-cost low-quality smart phones, but now, because there have been such as millet A1 models, low-cost smart phones in addition to means that the price is low, no longer means that the phone quality is low. With a 13.9 cm (5.5 in) LTPS full HD resolution display and a brightness of 450 nits, millet A1 is a high-end product in low-cost models. Millet A1 fuselage has three buttons – touch-sensitive main screen, multi-task key and return key. This means that there will be no virtual buttons on the display, this design makes us feel like crossing back to 1 or 2 years ago. 3 key arrangement order is: multi-task key, the main screen key, return key – and Samsung Galaxy series phone similar.

SlashGear said that these buttons are very traditional to Burns, but the main reason is that over the past five years (and longer) Burns has evaluated many smartphones, and he thinks the little change is actually a considerable change The For its own sake, millet A1 gives new and old hardware mixed feeling – Burns does not care about this. Compared with the current top-level smart phones, millet A1 display left and right sides of the border is not so narrow But for those who do not like the fingers of the screen edge of the user dirty, the size of the border is appropriate.

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