Why Should you Buy Commercial Tables for your Restaurant?

Why Should you Buy Commercial Tables for your Restaurant?

Are you wondering if a set of bar stools that you saw in a retail store will go well in your restaurant? Do you just need few outdoor dining tables and chairs for outside patio of your cafe? Do you want to take advantage of great discounts offered by the retailers? Is the design of the commercial table in the furniture shop good for your restaurant or dining hall?

Hold on! There is a great difference between quality of furniture designed for your home and that used in commercial settings. Commercial restaurant and hospitality industry should go through stability, durability and weight testing to meet the standards of its commercial grades.

Commercial Tables are designed in such a way that it ensures the repetitive use of the product by people, and these are available in all shapes and sizes. Just like the oven, mixers and freezers of restaurants are of different grade compared to your kitchen appliances, the furniture also needs to pass the commercial grade test.

The chair that is used in offices are designed in a way that a person can sit ten hours a day and the home chairs are designed in a way that a person can perform light day work sitting on it.

Commercial Chair

The commercial tables can be explained well by its features:

  1. Commercial furniture is designed for heavy use and it may withstand rigors of the hospitality industry.
  2. It outlasts the consumer grade counterparts.
  3. It is made of beech wood that is a better quality of wood compared to rubber wood that is used for home furniture.
  4. It prevents accidents as much as possible.

Trestle states that the metal chairs, bar stools that are used in home have 20 – 22 gauge steel frames while the ones that are used in commercial areas have 16 – 18 gauge steel. The lower the gauge number, the better will be its strength and durability.

In addition, the upfront cost of Commercial Chair is more than a consumer grade chair if you want to avoid any cost of fixing or replacing the furniture in the future. The local retail stores change their inventory and if you want to replace a chair with its similar type, you may risk not getting the same one from your local store. Look for the best quality of furniture to add value to your business.

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