11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

React framework is gaining importance as the user interface design of apps makes or  breaks the customer base of companies. It is now a game-changer for IT companies  worldwide as many Fortune 500 companies, including Twitter, Bloomberg Netflix,  among others, use React.
Continue reading to know about the best 11 top React to Developer Tools for 2020.

What is React?

React serves as the best way to streamlining the user experience of apps. It is an open source front-end JavaScript library widely used for creating dynamic user interfaces.  Though not a full-fledged framework like Angular, React is the first choice of many web  developers worldwide. It abstracts away the DOM to provide a simple programming  model for better performance.

Why is React so popular?

React has become the most popular JavaScript framework, reaching 60% market share  as of 2018. As per Web Technology Surveys, 46.4% of the websites in the world use  React. Currently, 1,066,618 websites use React worldwide, and it is only increasing every  day. Mainly because of minimal coding requirements from the developers and the best  performance.

11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

There are many tools for building better React apps fast. These tools make React to  provide efficient solutions to develop fast & scalable front end for mobile and web  applications. The React tools offer a plethora of options to select the suitable one for the  task at hand. Following are the 11 top React developer tools for 2020.

1. React Developer tools

React Developer Tools is the most popular React tool for its browser extension. It  released its latest version 4.10.0 on November 12, 2020, with many new features for  better React development like allowing viewing of source code with pro.

React Developer Tools enable examination of the React tree, component hierarchy, state  and others. It also helps to observe how the component is influencing the other  components. This tool is best to measure the app performance with the profiler tab.

2. Storybook

Storybook is a tool that fulfill the fundamental purpose of React to provide the best user  experience. It is a user interface development environment for React components used  by well-known companies like Lonely Planet among others in production.

Storybook is an open-source tool with a UI editor that enables developing, inspecting,  and interactively showcasing of the creations. It has a variety of add-ons like Google analytics to support components, Jest for unit testing and much more.

3. Bit

Bit enables developers with simple maintenance and fast development cycles of React  projects. It is a collaborative open-source project that allows the support teams to share  and handle code components across various projects.

Bit allows reuse of individual components by using yarn and npm through its component  hub. It is easy to learn and pick components with easy extension & integration. Bit  provides a CLI tool along with an online platform to publish and share with others.

4. Reactide

Reactide is the first full-fledged IDE built for React. It offers visual editing support by its  live-representation of the project architecture.

Reacticide has a bunch of GUI controls to  get feedback from the browser simulation quickly.

Reactide is a cross-platform tool that runs in an integrated Node server to enable state  flow visualization. Even without any build or server configuration, it allows rendering  React components.

5. Evergreen

Evergreen is an open-source pragmatic UI kit built on top of the React UI primitive. It is  easy for implementation and has many aesthetic components.

It provides excellent  documentation as it is flexible and composable.

Evergreen is a JavaScript framework that promotes creating systems instead of forming a  fixed configuration to expect changing and new design needs. It is the first choice for  apps that look beautiful, providing web applications with UI design language.

6. React Sight

React Sight helps the React app to show in a flow chart structure. It is one of the  important React tools to visualize apps with a live component hierarchy tree structure.  React Sight works well with many libraries like React Fiber, Redux, among others.

React Sight is an open-source Chrome extension like React Developer Tools to help in real-inspection related efforts. It does not require any setup and is with built-in filters to  avoid deviations.

7. React Cosmos

Real Cosmos is a React dev tool that helps to build reusable React components. With  laser focus, it scans components to render them with any compose of context, state and  props. It has a long-term design to view the way the apps develop in real-time.

Real Cosmos allows prototype, test and iterate fast on all components of the application.  It is apt for working with the enterprise-level application as it helps excellent quality  coding by dividing the React project into small usable components.

8. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a combination of two front-end frameworks working together to  create responsive apps. Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework to provide a set of CSS  classes and JavaScript functions to create excellent UIs.

React Bootstrap has the Bootstrap components rebuilt explicitly for the benefit of React  developers. With the help of it, React can develop responsive, scalable and good-looking  websites.

9. React Proto

React Proto is an open-source React development tool under the MIT license that prefers  design over coding. It helps to mark all potential components with an image to give  names and properties along with hierarchy or prototyping to them.

React Proto helps to prototype UIs using drop & drag elements instead of writing codes.  It saves time for not making changes later in development by helping to layout the  project structure for deciding in advance.

10. React Belle

React Belle is an open-source configurable React component library under the MIT  license. It has many reusable components, including Rating, Button, Car, Toggle, Select,  DatePicker, among others, to offer the seamless and smooth user experience.

React Belle offers various themes like Bootstrap 3, popular Belle among others. Its  components are customizable and also support ARIA accessibility standards to look  beautiful on mobile devices.

11. CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is the most prominent online code editor with preview features to show the  results of code even while typing it. It enables creating a new project with a click and  allows to show the projects to others by sharing its URL.

CodeSandbox automates many tasks like transpiling, bundling and dependency  management. It functions well with JavaScript projects and includes special features of  React development to download React projects in a template known as create-react-app.

Concluding remarks

React is now the number one framework for developing front-end web applications.  Though there are many tools to build high-quality React apps, the above eleven will sure  help to build apps fast. Choose the one that has the right IDE, visualizer and style sheet,  that suits well for your app development.

Only on selecting the right React tools, the overall app development will be quick and  effective. There are various ways to solve issues during React development and it is  pertinent to know about the best tools to choose the right one. We hope the above 11  React tools will help you to find the right one.

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