6 Must-Have Attributes In Your Next Healthcare Patient Engagement Portal

6 Must-Have Attributes In Your Next Healthcare Patient Engagement Portal

As a healthcare service provider, it is essential to have a well-organized patient portal. With 24*7 access to health-related data patient portals manage all the clinical processes and let patients be more informed, engaged and motivated with their own medical care. You can use these portals to engage patients and improve patient outcomes.

So are you planning to build a new patient portal or willing to replace your existing patient portal with a new one? If yes then you need to look that below mentioned five features are present in your next patient portal as well as go with the best among healthcare software companies:

Scheduling Appointments & Followups:

An ideal patient portal should allow the patients to schedule an appointment or a follow-up visit with doctors or other healthcare service providers. Your patient portal should enable patients to explore information on different physicians, their consultation fee, specialization and reviews of other patients about them. It helps them to take advantage of the specific healthcare services that best suited to their health requirements.

Setup For eVisit or Remote Consultation:

It is good if your patient portal is having the setup for remote consultations through scheduling eVisits between the patients and the medical practitioners. This setup should facilitate elementary diagnosis, consent over a medication or prescription request. It will help to save time both for doctors and the patients because they can perform many simple tasks through this eVisit setup.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration & HIPAA Compliance:

EHR provides 24*7 access to the medical data stored on cloud or device. You should integrate your patient portal with the EHR system. This will ensure an instant access to the health-related information through which the doctors and other healthcare service providers can stay informed about patients and give treatment accordingly.
As patient portal deals with sensitive clinical data of the patients it is important for you to keep that data secured. Always make sure that your patient portal is HIPAA compliant which will ensure the secured exchange of patients’ medical information.

Facility Of Prescription Renewal & Instant Sharing Of Health-Related Information:

In order to avoid any unnecessary gaps in treatment your patient portal should have the provision of prescription refill or renewal online. The portal should also notify the patients about their medication from time to time which helps in maintaining continuity in their care.

You should devise a patient portal which let patients solve their queries related to their lab test results or medication instantly. Your portal should enable physicians and other healthcare service providers to keep the patients informed about their health.

Feature Of Filling Out Pre-visit Forms & Updating Medical History:

Your next patient portal must have the attribute through which patients can fill any pre-visit forms online without going to the clinic or hospital. This will save a lot of time for patients.

You should incorporate data entry tools in your patient portal through which patients can update their symptoms from time to time. It will help the patients to express their current health state in a more comprehensive manner and physicians will be able to understand patients’ symptoms effectively.

Facility To View Billing Details & Making Payments:

Your patient portal should have the feature which allows the patients to keep a track of their medical bills and the balance amount. It will help them in making payments of their medical bills easily and evaluating their account balance. They can ask questions about the costs included in the bills and can view their payment history.

Patient portals should be secured and user-friendly. Always look for the above-mentioned features in your next patient portal. With the help of a successful patient portal, you can engage and inform patients. For all the queries related to getting started with your own patient portal, connect to best of healthcare software companies which as well understand the importance of HIPAA AWS and provide the service.

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