How Knowing About AS400 Can Help In Future Business Planning?

How Knowing About AS400 Can Help In Future Business Planning?

In the 1980s, the concept of enterprise systems was growing, and business leaders were in the dark about the consequences of running businesses with a disruptive system and tightly integrated hardware, software, and security. By 1987, IBM introduced its path-breaking System38, System3, System/32, System/34, and System/36, in front of the world. 

In 1988, IBM took the world by storm after launching its AS400 operating system in RPG language. It is a highly stable system with excellent documentation and robust applications. What made AS400 unique was that the operating system was object-oriented from the start, denoting that everything was an object and not a box file. However, even after three decades of its launch, not many realized that IBM continuously focused on aggressive features and updates, and AS400 would continue to be the first choice of mission-critical tasks at countless large and medium-sized enterprises.


AS400 is the real deal 

According to a recent survey conducted by IBM, most businesses have their 75-100% workload on AS400. Organizations are betting big on this platform due to its enduring legacy. Apart from this, there are several reasons to believe: 

Scalable: The AS400 setup comes with a 4-core server and can be scaled up to 256 cores. Chances of users’ process requirements expanding the system are rare if any.

Secure: AS400 comes with hardy and bulletproof built-in security features, and when configured with the right mainframe, AS400/IBM iSeries security walls are not possible to breach.

Reliable: AS400 is built for enterprise-class reliability and has an integrated database, networking, storage management, and web services. 

Compatible: AS400 can evolve quickly to meet all modern business needs. It incorporates a healthy mix of native and open source development languages to give a competitive edge to the users.


You Can’t Part Ways with AS400 With Following Reasons: 


Compatibility: AS400 setup is the workhorse that powers an organization’s operations. Over the years, IBM has evolved as per users’ changing needs, and today we know it as IBM Power Systems. The latest 9th generation IBM processors is capable of running Linux and AIX.

Overheads: The availability of PowerVM in IBM iSeries Power Systems triggers massive hardware termination. This reduces the complication of management as well as energy costs. Businesses get a good range of AS400 options from moderately priced to high power servers for more extensive enterprise operations.

Performance: AS400 has 3-5 times more powerful CPUs than competitors, and it’s the best bet for applications that require high performance and low downtime. 


IBM iSeries – Past, Present, and Future 

While some ill-informed people believe that the time-tested AS400/iSeries system has no future, the facts state otherwise. Having its roots in the past is not a limitation but the biggest strength of IBM iSeries. AS400 system is not time-bounded, and IBM has been enhancing the platform with time by providing regular updates.  

Today, IBM i-Series is in demand on every market front, and primary cloud services such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are insistently discovering how to boost the competencies of AS400. 


AS400 Expertise At Your Doorstep 


While the skills and importance of AS400 are well known to everyone, finding the right service partner to harness the complete setup is a genuine concern. Businesses are continuously looking for AS400 solution experts to achieve the maximum competencies at minimal costs, as trusted AS400 specialists are rare to find. This is where Integrative Systems AS400 expertise enters the scene. We are the silver business partner of IBM and have more than 20 years in this field. These years have enabled the business to take their AS400/iSeries setup to the next level with customized changes and cloud migration techniques. 

If you are also looking for a service partner for your software, feel free to connect now! 

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