Build A Native iOS Android App for Shopify Store

Build A Native iOS  Android App for Shopify Store

Building native applications for your Shopify Store can go a long way in helping you to generate amazing leads, increase sales & enhance revenue.

There are 3 types of mobile applications namely:

  1. Native Apps – Built for specific mobile OS i.e. Android or iOS
  2. Web Apps – These work on in-built browsers.
  3. Hybrid Apps – A combination of native & web apps.

But Native applications are the norm for businesses & online stores like Shopify considering the benefits of native apps over web or hybrid apps.

Let’s quickly look at some important reasons about why you should prefer native mobile apps.

Why should you Build a native app for your Shopify Store?

Excellent Performance

Native mobile application as the name suggests is developed for a specific mobile OS. So developers meticulously add features & design elements to ensure that the mobile application runs smoothly.

That is why Shopify store owners build a native mobile app for a Shopify store to ensure that customers can seamlessly use the app which results in excellent sales.

Interactive & Intuitive User Interface

Native mobile applications offer superior user experience over web/hybrid apps. This is due to the fact that the entire mobile app development process is focused on a particular OS i.e. either Android or iOS.

Due to this, developers follow the outlined guidelines & procedures which gives a natural flow to the app. This is what any business desires i.e. to provide personalized experiences which are seamless & unique.

Robust Security

Native apps can easily leverage the security features of a particular mobile device/mobile OS.

OEMs & mobile OS owners release timely security updates and patches that will ensure that your Shopify mobile app & other mobile applications will stay secure.

Developers can access full feature set of Devices

One of the best benefits of native applications is the fact that developers can build mobile applications in such a way that it can access the full features of the mobile device that it is installed on.

So, features like push notifications are much more effective thanks to access to hardware like GPS, camera, microphone of the smartphone.

Less Bugs means Faster App Development

As developers align themselves to rules & guidelines, the app development process is smooth & almost bug-free.

Any bugs or fixes that might crop up will most probably be smaller ones which can be fixed in a jiffy.

These are few important reasons why businesses like a Shopify store & other online stores should build native mobile applications.

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