Upgrade Your Business Processing with IBM AS400

Upgrade Your Business Processing with IBM AS400

If you are running an IT company that still uses IBM AS400 servers, then thought has probably crossed your mind that you could benefit from an upgrade, i.e., from AS400 to IBM iSeries.

In this tight global economy, it is often challenging to move to a new platform. In the worldwide market, the server will cost you around $30,000, and if you have this much money, it’s better to upgrade the existing AS400 server that comes with a wide range of benefits.

Have a look at the four ways in which IBM iSeries can benefit you.

Four Ways to Save Business with IBM AS400 iSeries 

If you are prepared for the server upgrade, keep in mind that after going live on the new server, you can save up to 10,000 dollars. Are you thinking about how? It can be in the form of power-saving, processing speed, decreased hardware maintenance and eliminated downtime.

Let us explore each area thoroughly: 

Power savings: This phenomenon is elementary as the new servers are designed to consume less electricity and deliver more power.Moreover, the new iSeries server generates less heat, resulting in lower air conditioning costs in server rooms and data centres. 

Processing speed: It is not easy to put a dollar figure on the benefits of having new servers. But think it another way- when you will get 5 to 10 times the processing speed from your servers, the productivity impacts will drop down throughout the organization. The IBMi servers offer a significant commercial processing workload (CPW) per dollar. When customer queries are resolved in half time, stakeholders can quickly make decisions. It will also reduce the month-end close time so that all the employees in an organization can get the numbers earlier. In an organization, everyone from the manager to accountant and distribution coordination will access information quickly and get reports faster. Such benefits will payout every day.

Hardware maintenance: Old servers are like old cars. Your 1990 model car still starts whenever you go for a drive, despite the total distance traveled till now. But when you go for repair, you’ll not notice the smaller tweaks; instead, you will look for the complicated and significant issues that are not easy to fix and highly experienced mechanics. IBM AS400 servers work in the same way, and they are harder to improve too.

Downtime: Often, the AS400 servers have a short mean time in terms of failure, as the old servers cannot run the latest version of each OS. Moreover, they will not deliver the latest features and functionality that users generally crave within the system’s functioning. Furthermore, it would be best to forget that older machines require more downtime for repair, leading to disturbing business processes.

Request Free Server Upgrade Consultation with Integrative Systems 

Even if you have the needed budget approval for your business, you will not be out of the woods. Many companies lack the time and specialized skills for an upgrade.

At Integrative Systems, the team of experts and experienced IT professionals are capable enough to solve unique challenges of up-gradation and integration. Before starting the project, we thoroughly consult with the clients and develop a deep understanding of the requirements. Moreover, after completing each project, the team thoroughly inspects every aspect. It takes every measure to ensure the system’s proper functioning and ensure that all the data backups are working as per plan. Even our in-house team is capable of upgrading your OS as a part of the process.

If you require any consultation, feel free to connect now!

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