Construction Management Software For Today’s Most Demanding Construction Projects
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Construction Management Software For Today’s Most Demanding Construction Projects

Construction Management Software For Today’s Most Demanding Construction Projects

Building & Construction industry has been facing the heat since 2019 due to global economic recession first, and now just when the industry was picking up slowly, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 put the industry into a world of uncertainty where job loss, unemployment, policy paralysis and economic slowdown became the new normal. Prominent economists are of the opinion that it may require at least a year or so for many industry sectors to come out of the rut they have fallen into. Remember it is a deep fall and requires tremendous effort and forbearance to break the shackles.

Construction and agriculture, two of the oldest industry sectors, unfortunately, seem like they haven’t learned from the failures of the past, and still pin their hopes on the traditional modes of management. Building and construction space in order to revive its hopes must adopt construction management technology at the core of operation.

Today’s cloud-based construction management web and mobile apps are changing the industry landscape with a range of features. What are the tangible benefits of cloud-based construction management apps for construction firm owners, contractors, project sponsors, modellers, and the construction project team? Read on…

# Opportunity Management:

Construction management can open up a world of new business opportunities for construction firm owners. This is possible through the Business Intelligence (BI) features of ERP for construction industry which help them make informed decisions and improve upon the status quo in relationship with the existing contract and client base.

# Change management:

Any construction project undergoes a series of change requests, change orders and deviations in project schedules at several points throughout project delivery. Failure in capturing these changes may prove costly as, more often than not, they lead to project cost overruns or budget escalation.

Therefore, construction management apps are built to be both intelligent as well as fluid to help users with dynamic change management process.

# Content Management:

Gone are the days of manual filing system of copious bills, invoices, receipts, tender agreement documents, change order documents, etc, and worse to retrieve them for reference every single time can be time-consuming and ineffective. Integrated construction management software for builders and contractors come with a document management system that can be easily stored over the cloud, accessed and retrieved as and when required. This will eliminate unnecessary manual submission and tedious documentation process.

# Analytics:

From the words of the great management expert Peter Drucker, any process that cannot be measured cannot be managed. The integration of visual dashboards and report generation capabilities into mobile construction apps can help track the project status and help in informed decision-making and planning into the future in the areas of accounting, customer relationship, new client conversion, etc.

# Transparency:

Another aspect of construction management software is transparency at all levels. Now, this is required for greater collaboration between individuals or focus work groups in a project environment irrespective of its size and scale of expansion. In another sense, transparency is extremely critical for maintaining customer relationship throughout the project delivery.

# Cost control:

Most projects fail first due to poor planning and then when project development meets unexpected costs in cost overrun. Proper metrics when built into the construction management system can control spiralling costs or when costs exceed budget estimation. The right construction ERP software can mitigate risks at several points throughout the project lifecycle.

# Team collaboration:

Construction management software suite can lead to increased project collaboration between individuals or focus groups for executing assigned tasks or activities. There is increased focus on project delivery as efforts as such can be easily monitored, and feedback provided in a timely manner for greater efficiency.

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