How to Successfully Implement the Desk Hoteling System in the post-COVID-19 Workplace

How to Successfully Implement the Desk Hoteling System in the post-COVID-19 Workplace

Real estate is the second-largest expenditure for many organizations – the first is their workforce. Based on the study, the estimated corporate office used for the past decades is almost 2 billion square feet. However, team members only use 42% of these workspaces, and nearly half of the workspaces are empty during any time of the workday. In this case, the business is not optimizing their office spaces. That’s when the desk hoteling concept enters. 


DeskFlex hoteling software helps organizations manage the maintenance and scheduling of various office spaces. It offers robust analytics and reports that give data on space usage to support the business’ decision in the long term. That is why many companies are planning on using a hoteling software for their workplace.

How to Successfully Implement Desk Hoteling?

The desk hoteling system offers a flexible desk arrangement that has a wide array of benefits. But such a change will not be easy for most organizations. Some team members are not giving up their favorite spots—some concerns about whether they would be comfortable with the new set-up or where they should store their things. 


To address these team members’ concerns, here are some tips to help organizations:

  Remote Work Strategy


Explain the Goal for Unassigned Seats

If the business owners are leaning toward using a desk hoteling system, they should help their employees realize the concept. Faithful and engaged team members will help the switch easier because they see how it helps the organization. 


The business owner may introduce the desk hoteling system by using it as a complete office safety solution like preventing the risk of COVID19 contamination. Also, it helps in increasing productivity, collaboration, and flexibility. The team members who understand how desk hoteling can strengthen the company will accept the changes quickly. 


Involve the Team Members When Switching

All systems are ready, but one thing is not – the team members who don’t want to share desks with others. Business owners could demonstrate how desk hoteling systems can grow and develop the company and their team members. They can do it by inviting them to be part of the hoteling process. This way, they will feel valuable and responsible to make the changes work for both them and the company. 


The DeskFlex desk hoteling software allows team members to view the desk availability and book the workspace they need. Having the freedom to choose the space they want makes them feel empowered, which helps increase productivity. 


Also, the DeskFlex desk hoteling software can help prevent coronavirus from spreading; the team member will have peace of mind knowing the company is protecting their health and welfare. 


Provide cloud-based storage

With the desk hoteling system, they don’t have a permanent desk and computer, so it is beneficial to have their document stored in the cloud. The DeskFlex hoteling software is a cloud-based software that allows team members to keep a record in the system and access it anywhere they a connection. And with the DeskFlex hoteling app, they have access to their data even if they are at home or on the road. 


Keep desktops clean and welcoming.

An open layout plan has high visibility and makes it easier to view which areas need to clean and disinfect before using it again. 


The DeskFlex desk hoteling software has an automatic disinfecting feature that cleans and sanitize a workspace after every desk reservation. Placing decorations will also give a pleasant ambiance to the workplace, such as plants, artworks.


Place Portable Cabinets for Files

Using a portable cabinet encourages versatility and mobility to the flexible seating arrangements. This kind of storage gives enough space for many team members and can add decoration to the workspace. 


Additionally, a portable fill cabinet increases efficiency and promotes returning files, so they are accessible to all – reducing duplication and working in silos. 


Equip the Workplace with Technology

Staying connected is crucial. Wi-Fi technology provides endless benefits. It gives global accessibility – anyone can attach anywhere with a Wi-Fi enabled device. It allows widespread coverage and makes communication quick. 


Another significant perk of Wi-Fi is cloud-based solutions. The DeskFlex desk hoteling software and hoteling app is a full could-based that gives user cost-effectiveness, easy implementation, minimal investments, and effortless to maintain and update. 


DeskFlex Desk Hoteling Software Can Help

The DeskFlex desk hoteling software can help transition the organization’s switching to flexible seating arrangements quickly and efficiently. The team members can reserve a desk in advance for a day or a week with the hoteling software. 


Team members can secure the spot that they need to meet deadlines or a larger meeting room for collaboration—avoiding frustrations in the workplace and increasing productivity.


In a DeskFlex hoteling app, they can reserve a desk before their arrival at the workplace to save time finding available seats and work right away.

Reinvent Your Future Workplace with DeskFlex!

Desk hoteling supports a flexible schedule and workplace that today’s agile workers need. Nevertheless, the team members should support implementing desk sharing schemes to make it happen. With their cooperation and excellent hoteling software, the desk hoteling strategy can work for the organization as a whole. 

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