Ecommerce Delivery Software Is The Thing You Need To Make Your Delivery Services Better Than Ever!

Ecommerce Delivery Software Is The Thing You Need To Make Your Delivery Services Better Than Ever!

The competition in the ecommerce business has risen to a level that the ecommerce business owners now need to step up their games in order to retain their customers. As the number of ecommerce stores is increasing online, you have to go the extra mile to help you customers in whatever they need.

There are hundreds and thousands of ecommerce stores working online, all of these stores are striving to get more and more customers. To do so, they usually provide the customers with special promotions and provide their customers with efficient services. The one service that is the most difficult to provide efficiently is the delivery service.

Every now and then the ecommerce stores provide inefficient delivery services to their customers with certain errors. This might divert the customers to another store to buy the things they want. To keep your customers with you, you have to provide seamless delivery services to these customers.

Hiring a dedicated team to handle the delivery tasks is one of the options you have to handle the delivery services. However, by hiring a team you would have to get ready to increase the expenses of your business and to bear some human errors.

Other than hiring a dedicated team for the deliveries, you have the option to opt for an ecommerce delivery software. Not only do this option costs you cheaper but these software make sure that your deliveries are always error-free and seamless.

Mile now have developed a highly agile and robust delivery management software to cater to the delivery needs of every business around the globe. Our highly qualified and experienced team have thoroughly researched for the needs of an ecommerce business before designing and developing this software. This is the reason that our software have all the functionalities that are useful for a business to handle its delivery tasks.

Some of the major features of our software are described below:

Digital Dispatch:

 This feature makes sure that every package is dispatched properly at the right time. Digital dispatch feature streamlines the orders in a hierarchal order which makes it easier for the management to dispatch the right packages at the right time to the right customers.

Route Optimisation:

This feature makes sure that the riders reach their destinations in lesser time. The rider’s application updates the routes according to the real-time traffic situations on the road with the help of route optimisation feature.

Geo-enable Location Services:

This allows the management to track the location of the riders anytime they want. Moreover, the software sends delivery notifications to the customers with the help of customer application.


 The management can market their products and promotions as much as they want with the help of customer application.


Mile now’s ecommerce delivery software is packed with the above mentioned any many more functionalities that helps the clients with their delivery services. Opt for our software now and optimise your delivery errands.

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