Five Facts About IBMi That Will Surprise You

Five Facts About IBMi That Will Surprise You

Are you trying to keep IBMi relevant in your organization? It seems like a tough battle at times, especially if the top management at your organization knows nothing about the platform. Here we will tell you five facts about AS400 iSeries that may help you save the platform at your organization. Have a look below:


Fact 1: In the long run, IBMi is cheaper than Windows or Linux 


It is rare for single symmetric multiple processes (SMP) to have a $1 million price tag. After adding another X86 processing node’s cost, the price tag may cross the $100 mark. This difference is seldom so clear cut, primarily because of recent price cuts on Power servers. But IBM’s all-in-one approach (hardware, server, database) puts it at a budgetary advantage compared to X86. 

Moreover, IBM AS400 systems have an ace up its sleeve to reduce TCO. Not only it provides powerful hardware, but it has also automated its administration.  


Fact 2: IBMi runs modern graphical applications, including mobile apps 


The IBMi superior architecture and systems designed decades ago are still running, and thousands of companies worldwide are working on those platforms. You will not find such longevity with other methods, and this success should be acknowledged. But because many of these older IBM AS400 and iSeries systems feature text-based “green-screen” interfaces, some so-called techies call it outdated. But this is not the truth as IBMi can run modern applications of the 21st century.  


Fact 3: IBM i blends proprietary and open source technologies 


IBMi is a proprietary machine at its heart, and it’s a complete truth. The developer cannot access the System Licensed Internal Code (SLIC), which will keep them trapped in the IBMi. The setup is equal to a thousand tiny engineers in the server that toll away the boring stuff and ensure the structure of 1975 will run on the latest operating system and powerful processor. Apart from this, IBM AS400 support loads of open source software, like Apache web server and MySQL to Node.js!


Fact 4: It is virus- and hacker- resistant and takes severe abuse 


No computer architecture comes with complete security, but our best wishes are with you if you can find a system that offers robust security features like IBMi. The high level of protection possible on the IBMi provides advantages at various points. Most importantly, the object-oriented nature of the OS400 prevents any code from being implemented directly unless it’s a known object (if only Windows had worked this way!) IBM calls it “virus-resistant,” which means there is no single documented case of the IBMi server affected with malware. 

The system’s role-based security mechanism is the best and most advanced version of all business systems. Therefore, significant banks, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and FMCG retail companies still rely on the IBMi for their mission-critical business tasks. 


Fact 5: The IBM i server is beloved by its users 


Please do not underestimate the IBMi community’s power and the support they are providing to the users worldwide. The thing that is most fascinating about the IBMi community is that it’s a business computer. It runs boring account systems, but in a capriciously efficient sort of way.

The IBMi AS400 is like an odd duck flying against the winds of modernization, which makes the IBMi community stand out of the way. And to be honest, it’s weird that IBMi keeps changing the names, but those who know IBMi for years – the platform delivers simplicity at the stages where others provide complexity. 


So, this is all about the IBMi, and these five facts about the platform have provided you the much clarity. 

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