Key Features of Best Performance Management Software

Key Features of Best Performance Management Software

Employee performance management is critical to the objectives of an organization. It is an essential factor to determine the growth of an employee, which eventually leads to organizational development. Therefore, performance management is one of the critical responsibilities of every HR department.

A best performance management software offers a suite of powerful HR and project management functions that enable you to establish clear performance expectations for your employees, along with tracking and reporting capabilities to analyze the organizational, team, and individual performances

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of a performance management system that helps you evaluate and enhance the performance of your employees.

Effective planning

It all starts with setting a clear, actionable goal that can drive an employee, team, or an entire organization forward. Performance management software provide goal-setting features that enable users – business owners, managers, team leaders, or employees – to add goals, track their progress, and share the results. Not only does it help increase the collaboration among the workforce, but the sense of being monitored continuously also motivates the employees to give their best.

Analytics and reporting


Tracking and measuring performance is one of the key aspects of project management. The reporting and analytics feature of a project management software helps you summarize and organize data into actionable information. It provides reports to track the goal progress of all employees, teams, and departments. These reports can be in the form of graphic representations, such as graphs, charts, etc., where you can view employee performance based on metrics like results, potential, and behavior.

Tracking goals on a large scale can become tedious and time-consuming. This feature allows you to stay updated with the overall performance of all individuals and teams, along with guiding them to stick to their goals.


Performance management software allows you to create a culture of frequent communication and real-time feedback. It enhances collaboration among the teams and motivates them to give their best on the floor. Some programs offer self-assessment features as well, which enable employees to rate and review their performance on projects they’ve worked on.

This feature helps managers keep track of employee performance and give them suggestions to make necessary improvements. Plus, self-assessment helps employees get a clear view of their goals and accomplishments.

Instant, continuous, 360-degree feedback

One of the essential functionalities of a performance management solution is real-time, performance-related feedback. The latest tools are equipped with a 360-degree feedback phrases feature, which allows you to gather a multi-layered response on an employee’s performance. The system collects anonymous responses from multiple sources, such as managers, juniors, and colleagues, to structure unbiased, accurate feedback. And, since the input is anonymous, it encourages peers to share grievances and concerns with more freedom.

Furthermore, a culture of continuous feedback and training helps promote constant improvement and growth. Project management software can perform regular assessments to align relevant upskill or reskill training.

Social collaboration tools

We’ve talked about collaboration before; modern-day project management tools offer a dedicated set of social collaboration tools that foster meaningful relationships among the organization. These programs encourage team members to share their performance results and experience with their colleagues and seniors. Social tools turn out to be a vital component in performance management solutions as they promote a seamless sharing of feedback and involvement of multiple levels of an organization.

Other features

The features discussed above are standard for every project management system. However, since more and more companies are embracing solutions with ERP capabilities, or at least robust integration features with other third-party apps, some project management software providers offer additional features. These include:

  • Performance vault
  • Dynamic goals
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Job-based reviews
  • Integration
  • Customizable reporting
  • Succession planning
  • Actionable insights

Final thoughts

In agile organizations, executives, managers, and employees work together to set goals, create roadmaps, and progress towards achieving those objectives. These high targets require transparency and organization to mitigate conflicts and increase productivity.

Today, performance management is more focused on employee development. Thus, pick a performance management software that helps you achieve goals, along with taking care of the comprehensive development of the employees. If you have tools to accurately assess and improve your employees, your business will benefit in the long-term.


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