Know The Best Shopping Cart Development Tool For an Ideal eCommerce Cart Marketplace
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Know The Best Shopping Cart Development Tool For an Ideal eCommerce Cart Marketplace

Know The Best Shopping Cart Development Tool For an Ideal eCommerce Cart Marketplace

eCommerce cart Marketplaces are the gold mines when applies and handled rightly. The ideology behind shopping cart software is to encourage the offline vendor to go global, register to the portal, create a storefront, and sell their products.  

Sellacious offers you a full range ofbest shopping cart features, from a fully customizable online store to retrieving the payments securely. It is a powerful marketplace eCommerce builder that enables you to either host the site on our servers or on your own servers. We guarantee data security, complete control over your content, and 100% maintenance. 

Create an online store 

Sellacious empower the user with all the tools to publish the content which may include text media files, and much more. Create an online store with our hundreds of default templates and install plugins to customize products, cater to more customers, and increase your revenue.

Start taking payments safely and securely

Our simple checkout and payment procedure allows taking payment through various vendors like the maestro, visa, American Express, PayPal, and many more with minimal setup. 

Sell Anything, Anywhere, and Anytime 

Sellacious offers the most flexible website store builder to help you create the best shopping cart software, powering more stores than any other platform could support. Sell anything from physical or electronic goods to membership and subscriptions to rent a property or hold some sort of booking and deliver it up the street across the globe.

With Sellacious the only limit is your own imagination. Create your storefront as beautiful as you want and according to your own needs. 

How Sellacious Help in Making the best eCommerce cart 

Sellacious is the only comprehensive marketplace builder that provides more than 5000 eCommerce multi-seller features. 

The built-in features allow you to add an unlimited number of sellers, manage vendor profiles, set different commission rules for various products and sellers, monthly commission or per sale commission rules, create unique vendor storefront and permit them to upload, edit, describe the products, keep complete control as admin of the store, track the payouts and commissions, the performance of the sellers and the top-rated products, get notified when seller enrolls the platform, put products on auction, rents, bookings, create monthly subscription plans, create coupons, tax, shipping, and discount rules, and much more.

Let us dig in deeper

Unlimited Products: No limit on the number of products you can upload

Customization: Source code is a completely open-source thus encouraging the shopping cart software builders to create custom plugins as per their requirements. We ensure that the code quality is met and the custom code is kept closed source.  The template can be edit using the content editor.

Order processing: Easy and straight forward step to enable order processing and have a quick check of the order status from confirmation to delivery and feedback. 

Tax Setting: Admin can set the tax rules on the basis of a specific product, categories, vendor groups, or countries

Filters: We provide a filter feature to help the end-user to filter out the products on the basis of their search.  

Wishlist: Customers can add the products they like to the wishlist in order to buy it later.

Wallet: Applications that encourage the money added to the online wallet could be created as well. This helps save time and transaction failures. Coupons can be also created by the admin in case the money for the bought product is paid through the wallet to attract customers. 

The owner can also generate discounts in multiple ways like the product category, user groups, locations, or shipping to boost sales. 

Easy to Upgrade: Store owners can very easily upgrade their stores from a single vendor to a multivendor in no time.

Invoicing: The vendors or the admin need not worry about the invoice structures. Template editors could be used to create the invoice and deliver its copy to the customer through emails.

Features like Shipping Method, Stock Notification, Categories Management, Order Tracking, Vendor Management, Dispute Management, Refunds, Product and Vendor Reviews, and Rating are also available to the full extent at absolutely no cost. 

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