Big Brands That are Using Chatbots to Enhance Their Customer Experience

Big Brands That are Using Chatbots to Enhance Their Customer Experience

With the rise of chatting apps, more and more companies are now using the chatbots to provide more accurate solutions and far more personalized experience to their consumers. While enabling the chatbot application solutions for everyone, brands are engaging the customers in a more conversational way.

As per the surveys, Chatbots are already helping millions of companies including big brands to offer more accurate suggestions to the customers and also provide them exclusive access and previews of the best offers or collection. By leveraging chatbots they are able to offer highly personalized customer services.

While brands are integrating chatbots to enhance their customer interaction and maximize the engagement, customers are also enjoying the highly personalized solutions provided by them. There are various brands that are using chatbots to make more profit and credibility. Here are the 2 names of such brands.


Being one of the well-established clothing brands, Levi’s is well known for offering the best collection of denim jeans. The company has present the best example of big brands employing the latest technology in an innovative way with the launch of Levi’s Virtual Stylist.

Levi’s Chatbot

The chatbot is available on Levi’s official website, app and Facebook messenger. It works like a personal style assistant of the customers and helps them in picking up the perfect pair of jeans without having to try out a number of unfitted jeans. This innovative approach of the company will for sure enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

Pizza Hut

While leading the second biggest pizza chain in the world, the pizza hut holds a wide range of customer base. To keep the customers engaged and provide faster responses to their queries or orders, Pizza Hut took a great step and integrated chatbots to its solutions with the help of some of the best and renowned chatbot developers.

Pizza Hut chatbot

The company lets the consumers link their personalized Pizza Hut accounts with their Facebook Messenger and Twitter accounts. By enabling these social media giants to serve the Pizza Hut customers with smart chatbot solutions, the company not just help the customers order quickly or check out the whole menu on their fingertips but, also get the relevant answers for their queries.

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