Important Benefits Of Solar Water Heaters

Important Benefits Of Solar Water Heaters

The sun is a free and wealthy source of energy to earth. People are being more aware of solar energy and its benefits. Therefore, more and more people are looking for energy efficient solar panels for residential and commercial properties. Among all the solar options, the solar water heater is one of the most popular energy-efficient options that are making its place in Indian houses. A solar water heater is a system that is cost effective and sustainable choice that is contributing to the green India mission.

Moreover, a solar water heater in Ahmedabad has become a prominent water heating choices for most citizens. Ahmedabad is a city that suffers from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, switching to solar energy is the best way to create a sustainable future.

Here are some of the benefits of a solar water heater:

Saves money

Solar water heaters are a cost-effective choice as they run on solar power. In the long run, it not only save a lot of money on your energy bills but also helps you save money on taxes as well. Government supports the solar energy projects and allows its user to save on tax while filing a return.

Reduce carbon footprint

If you use other sources for heating the water like gas or electricity, it emits carbon to the environment, which is not benefitting nature in any way. But it adds up to the carbon level in the atmosphere and worsens the current pollution situation. On the other hand, a solar water heater is an environmentally friendly way to use solar power to heat the water. It has no harmful side effects and helps you with high-efficiency results.

Low maintenance

solar water heater is easy and simple construction, which is very easy to maintain. All you have to make sure is that the solar plates are clean o get direct sunlight. With proper maintenance, you can use a solar water heater for up to 20 years.

Great efficiency

Solar panels are highly efficient in absorbing solar energy and converting it to the usable form. About 80% of the sun’s radiation is turned into heat energy. It offers great results at a very economical cost. Even during the cloudy day, solar panels absorb the energy from the environment and convert it to heat energy for heating the water. There are two basic solar heater designs active and passive, both are equally efficient and goes with a variety of property needs.

Increases your property value

Solar water heater can be an asset for your house. A house that uses solar power automatically becomes more profitable. It saves energy cost, reduces the carbon footprint, requires low maintenance, and provides efficient heating even on cloudy days and appeals to more customers. You might have seen how government bodies are encouraging the solar projects in Gujarat, due to which properties that use solar energy are more attractive to the buyers. So if you use a solar water heater for your home, expect a higher market rate for your home.


A water heater is a basic need for most families. When you can use solar power to fulfill your needs then why to go for the expensive options? Solar water heaters are trending in India. There are many solar water heater suppliers suitable to meet your needs. Whether you want it for your home or commercial property, you can get custom size water heater from the best water heater suppliers in Gujarat. So stop wasting energy and money on electric water heaters and become a proud user of solar water heaters.

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