Powered By the Sun: 6 Fascinating Facts About Solar Power in Utah

Powered By the Sun: 6 Fascinating Facts About Solar Power in Utah

Did you know that there are enough solar power installations in the USA to power 12 million homes?

Solar power has become an affordable and reliable alternative to fossil fuel power electricity.

You may not be aware that almost everyone can benefit from this technology regardless of their location. Do you know what your options are for solar power in Utah?

Why not read to learn more fascinating facts about solar energy in Utah.

1. Most Popular Renewable Energy

In Utah solar power is the most popular of all renewable power sources with about 14% of Utah’s total electricity coming from solar. This means that if you are interested in going solar, you will be able to find others in your neighborhood that have it and can tell you how effective it is.

2. Solar is Growing

The solar panel installation business has become very popular in Utah in the last 5 years. There is now more than 30 times more solar power generated in Utah than there was in 2015.

3. Top 10 State

While many states are rapidly developing plans to roll out solar power, Utah is ahead of the curve of most. In 2020, in the list of states that have the most generating capacity, it ranked at number 10!

4. Renewable Energy Goals

Utah is also ambitious in its future plans for solar energy. It has a renewable portfolio goal of 20% for renewable energy. This means that by 2025, 20% of its energy supply must come from renewable energy, including solar.

This is great news if you are thinking of switching to solar. You will be able to benefit from a range of incentives that the state will provide to encourage installations.

5. Net Metering

If you are thinking of going solar in Utah, you should check out the state’s net metering policies.

There is no fee for using energy that you create yourself. This means that your solar electricity will essentially be free after installation.

Any excess energy you create can be sold to the grid at a rate of just over $0.05c per unit. This means that you can actually earn money from your solar panels. The amount you earn is reduced from your mains electricity bill.

6. Incentives

Finally, it is important to check out what Utah solar incentives are available right now. You can get financial support for your installation and then as mentioned earn tax credits for your use of solar power after this.

Solar power in Utah is the gift that keeps on giving.

Everythıng You Need to Know About Solar Power in Utah and Much More

If you are looking for a great way to lower your electricity costs and your carbon footprint, why not check out solar power? You may be surprised at the number of options for solar power in Utah that comes with great financial incentives.

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