5 Melbourne Cup Highlights For All The Sports Lovers

5 Melbourne Cup Highlights For All The Sports Lovers

Five Things Everyone Should Know About The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the horse race that brings Australia to a standstill every year, and the people who love handicapping often want to put as much money as they can on the race.

Melbourne Cup Highlights

People who are casual gamblers will still place bets on this race, and there are a few things that you should know about this race before you get started. Taking all these things into account makes betting more fun, more profitable, and easier to manage overall.

1. The Race Is On Grass

The Melbourne Cup is raced on grass. The surface makes the racing fairly swift, and it means that the times could be quicker than you thought. People who are taking parlay bets on the race must remember that the race will finish faster than they thought. The grass could help certain horses jump to the front, and the grass makes the race much more tricky because grass can be more slippery than dirt if it rains.

2. Grass Does Not Increase Durability

Grass race surfaces do not give horses durability. There are many horses that will jump out to the front in the beginning of the race, but they cannot sustain that performance throughout the whole race. Because of that, people might bet on the wrong horses. The most durable horses will tend to stay at the front, and the horses need time to sort this out by the clubhouse turn. The horses that are going to last to the end are the ones to bet, and people might be fooled during the race if the grass turns out to run past that day. The best handicappers have done much more research before making any wagers.

3. Bet Online

Sites like Bluebet, are the betting partners of the famous Melbourne Cup. The site makes it easy for people to place their wagers on the race, and the site allows people to follow along with prop and parlay bets as they wait for the race to start. There are props and parlays that people could take while the race is running, and they can place all those bets on site. Someone who is nervous about going to the track or cannot travel there can do all their gambling online. Betting online is completely safe, and it gives you the chance to invest in a place that would take more of your bets in the future. Someone who is trying to make the most money will find that having all their bets laid out on the site makes things simpler.

4. The Race Is A National Holiday

The Melbourne Cup is as close to a national holiday as sporting fans can get. The race is played on so many TV channels and radio channels that no one can miss it. The race is something that kids hear about from their grandparents, and it is a race that they need to see at least once in their life up close and personal. The Melbourne Cup also gives rise to some of the most famous horses and jockeys in the world. The horses go on to compete around the world, and the jockeys could become famous in Australia and around the world.

5. The Melbourne Cup Makes Betting Easier


Horses that race in the Melbourne Cup tend to have a history that makes betting easier. someone who is trying to make the right bet will find that much easier to do because they can actually study all these horses. The people who are making money at the Melbourne Cup are those who have done their homework in advance. However, players must also account for the weather, track conditions, the training of the horse, and the jockey. Research creates winners.


There are many people who turn out for the Melbourne Cup because it is the biggest race of the year in Australia. It is a time for women to put on their Sunday finest, and it is a time for handicappers to make more money. The race has a long history of great horses and riders, and the people who want to bet on this site will make money in most cases because the race is so easy to research.

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