5 Tips for Senior Golfers that Really Works

5 Tips for Senior Golfers that Really Works

Golf is a refreshing game for seniors. No wonder it’s prevalent as a pastime for this age group. This is because it has fewer physical requirements. It gives them ample time to spend with their buddies and socialize and offers them an easy way to exercise. If you are a senior looking for the best way to exercise and socialize with your fellow seniors, consider golfing.

Here are the top five tips for senior golfers that can help you benefit more from golfing.

1. Playing the Correct Tees

One mistake senior golfer make is to play very long tees that are straining for them. Many seniors, especially the male ones, consider forward tees to be “ladies’ tees.” Their ego makes them loath playing what they believe is a female’s game.

If you want to enjoy golf and take good care of your body as a senior, play what’s perfect for your ability. Don’t be driven by your ego. Be realistic about your distance capabilities and pick tees that allow you to play well.

2. Get the right gear

The right gear is essential for people of all ages, but it needs to be emphasized for seniors. For example, using the best golf driver for seniors is a good idea because it will ensure you hit the balls right and don’t strain your muscles.

As a senior golfer, you need a club whose flex shafts can bend easily and is more forgiving. The correct driver is vital if you want to launch quickly and maximize your hitting distance to have a more enjoyable and rewarding round. If visiting a golf course is a challenge, you may still enjoy the sport while indoors. Accurate launch monitors like Mevo + allows you to play a realistic golf game without braving the bad weather and the tiresome traffic.

3. Join a Golfing Club

Though it’s possible to play solo, you may get bored and need some company in the long run. If you don’t have a group of senior friends that you can golf with together, it will help much if you join a golfing club, especially one that can take care of the seniors’ interests.

Golfing clubs have coaches who will ensure you are doing the right things while at the same time enjoying the Yard Game.

4. Open the Right Foot

You may find it a little challenging to make full turns away from balls because of your age. This is because, as you get old, you’ll lose some flexibility, so you need not be ashamed if you realize you can no longer get a perfect backswing.

You can compensate for this by opening the right foot. Though this won’t help you get the lost distance, it will help you get the missing speed.

5.  Focus on the Ball

The golf balls designed for seniors are more compressible than ordinary golf balls. This means the balls’ swing speeds must be lower.

When out there shopping for a golf ball, focus on the balls meant for the seniors. You’ll find it easier to play with these balls than the regular balls.


Being a senior doesn’t mean you drop your hobbies. If you liked playing golf while you were still energetic, you could still enjoy the game in your old age. Just follow the tips above to help you enjoy the game and stay healthy.

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