7 Valuable Tips to Take Care of Your Boxing Gloves

7 Valuable Tips to Take Care of Your Boxing Gloves

Custom made gloves play a pivotal role in the success and failure of a boxer. There are various types of boxing gloves available in the market like 3D boxing gloves, gold boxing gloves but there is a need for extensive care and precaution to maintain their good condition and to protect them from disintegration.

Here are few tips by expert manufacturers (Infinitude Fight) that will be helpful for the maintenance of your custom made gloves.

1. Don’t leave your custom made gloves wet

It is essential to keep your gloves dry after every practice. Let them stay in the sunlight or in the ventilated area for evaporating the sweat and moisture. The easiest and quick way is to use a paper towel to remove sweat from your gloves. This habit will protect your gloves from harmful bacteria and saves the leather from damage and deterioration that occurs due to sweat and moisture.

2. Use boxing glove deodorizers

As you know, it is very difficult to remove sweat from the inner side of the gloves. If you want the inner side of your gloves to remain intact and fresh, then make some investment on glove deodorizers like No stink glove deodorizer and Meister glove deodorizer. These deodorizers will absorb the sweat and will give your gloves a fresh and pleasant smell.

3. Inside stuffing

Before using a deodorizer, it is better to stuff the inner side of your custom made gloves with the help of a paper towel. Glove dogs are very handy and effective for cleaning and stuffing of the gloves. For this purpose, you can also use a newspaper that will absorb the moisture and protect your 3D boxing gloves and Gold boxing gloves from harmful bacteria.

4. Let your boxing gloves stay in the open air

Do not forget to leave your custom made gloves out of your boxing kit after the training. If you let them stay inside your bag for a night, there will be a rapid growth of bad bacteria that will not only cause bad sweat smell but also affect the padding of the gloves and can hurt your hand as well.

5. Use Air freshener

If there is not any deodorizer with you then you can use an air freshener as an alternative to deodorizer. It is easily available at any supermarket at a reasonable price. You can also spray a little bit freshener on a piece of cloth and wipe your gloves from the inner and outer sides.

Remember, excessive use of sprays can cause cracks on the gloves that will also affect the boxing gloves design and color. It is ideal to use it in less quantity and let it dry in the open air.

6. Freeze your boxing gloves

The best way to kill bacteria is freezing. Though it sounds odd, it is the best way for the maintenance of the good condition of your gloves. All you have to do is just place the gloves in a simple plastic bag and let them stay in the freezer for a night or for two days and bring them out and let them stay in the open air for 1 to 2 days. It is an ideal way that is applicable to all types of boxing gloves design.

7. Hand Wraps

Hand wraps protect the custom made gloves from moist and sweat. They will absorb the moisture and prevent it from moving into the padding of these gloves. However, do not forget to wash these hand wraps after every session to avoid the growth of bacteria that can cause a nasty smell. You can easily wash these hand wraps with the help of a washing machine and let it dry for a while. Overall, hand wraps are the best source of absorbing extra sweat and moisture.

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