Basketball Jersey How to Wear it Casually

Basketball Jersey How to Wear it Casually

You may be one of those guys who has a gazillion classic basketball jerseys hanging in your bedroom. Now the NBA season has started and your home team is playing its first match of the season. You and your friends have front row tickets and are ecstatic to go and see the match. Now it’s time to get ready and you want to look the best. You pull out that classic basketball jersey and wear it with some jeans. That might be a very cool option and you might be thinking that you are looking awesome but in fact you are looking far from it. You can’t just wear your basketball jersey casually like this.

If you do not want to look like a fool you got to pick the right jersey and start dressing up stylishly.

Now you might be thinking as to how you could dress up stylishly in a basketball jersey casually. Trust me it is really simple. Let me give you some tips which will make you look cool and will teach you how to wear and style a basketball jersey casually.

Tip # 1: Do not wear personalized basketball jerseys.

A lot of us make the mistake of purchasing a personalized jersey for ourselves. Definitely not the most amazing decision that we’ve made. We all might be thinking that it’s cool but in fact it is really the opposite. So, I suggest that instead of wearing a jersey with your name at the back and looking childish, pick a jersey of a club legend or a star player. The jersey will have the star power and will be worth all your money.

Tip # 2: Always wear a t-shirt underneath your basketball jersey.

If you’re a girl you can wear the jersey without a t-shirt underneath but if you’re a guy you’ve simply got to wear a t-shirt underneath. Wearing a short sleeved or a full sleeved t-shirt underneath your basketball jersey makes the outfit more stylish and laid back. It looks more presentable and doesn’t raise any eyebrows. Wear a nice fitted t-shirt underneath, trust me you’ll look way better.

Tip # 3: Concentrate on the complete outfit.

You have selected a nice jersey and are wearing a nice fitted t-shirt underneath and you are simply looking amazing. However you might still ruin your look because of your bottoms and your shoes. Keep your outfit sporty. Match your top with the bottom. Go for some nice shorts or sporty trousers or gym pants. Next were some nice sneakers or running shoes to finish the look. Remember to be consistent, you’ve got to look sporty while being casual.

Tip # 4: Do not tuck in your basketball jersey.

You’ve seen players do it but trust me if it were not in the rules even they would have left it hanging out. If you tuck your jersey in while wearing it casually, trust me people will start calling you a dork. Always keep your jerseys un-tucked when wearing them casually. Not only does it look cool that way but it also is more comfortable.

Tip # 5: Accessorize yourself

Accessories always go well with basketball jerseys. They instantly make your outfit pop and make it look more fashionable. If you are wearing your jersey to the beach or an outdoor setting in the summer, pair it with some cool trendy shades. Put on a nice chain and if you’ve got pierced ears, pop on some nice shiny studs. These little things will make you look cool and fashionable instantaneously.

These were our top five tips that will teach you the do’s and don’ts when wearing a basketball jerseys. Follow them. Trust me you’ll look cool and amazing instantly.

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