How To Buy Your First Set Of Golf Clubs?

How To Buy Your First Set Of Golf Clubs?

Golf is a very popular and aristocratic game around the world. It seems like you have chosen golf as your favorite pastime. You are at the right place if you are seeking information about Golf Pants.

It is important to underspend than overspend while you buy the golf clubs for the first time. So, don’t just enter the shop and buy a random expensive golf set. When you are a beginner, it will be good to start from low.

Buy your first set of golf

In the following article, I will give you some tips about buying your first golf clubs according to the experience of the experts.

Determine your golf goals

Golf Goals

Before you buy a golf set, you have to know the reason why you want to buy one.

The goal should be a realistic one. No need to spend money on expensive club set if you want to play golf rarely, just once or twice in a year.

If you are going to gift the set to someone else, know the persons’ interest. Whether he is a professional player or golf is only a hobby for him. So, it will be easier for you to decide which set you are going to buy for him.

When you are serious about your golf carrier and want to play golf seriously, then you can buy an expensive and complete golf set made for the professionals.

Why golf clubs matter

Golf Club

Clubs play a very important role in the performance of the game. There are various quality of clubs with many features.

It will be difficult for you to start with a professional club. Beginner level clubs have a larger club face and a shorter shaft to ensure balance and control. For that reason, beginner clubs are less powerful than professional.

So, it is clear that one cannot use a beginner level club at a professional level game. That is the reason why golf clubs matter in terms of performance.

Choosing your golf clubs

Image result for Choosing your golf clubs

As you saw earlier, there is various type of golf club available in the market. You will need a different type of clubs in the different stage of the game.

In a golf set, there are 14 clubs. But you don’t have to buy all of the 14 clubs. You can buy 9 clubs when you are a beginner. Let’s take a look at some club types which might be suitable for you:

1.A driver

A driver is a very first club you need. The driver is the longest among all clubs. It is built with a larger type head so that you can hit further with the club.

2.A fairway wood

This type of club is generally used in the second shot of the game. It used to lift the ball higher. The construction of the club allows it to make decent and accurate shots.

3.Mid/short irons

When you want to make a longer shot and put the ball into the green zone, mid/ short iron clubs will be useful.

These type of clubs have numbers from 1 to 9. For the beginners, 6, 7, 8 and 9 numbered clubs will be very perfect.

6 and 7 number clubs are good for long shots from fair and rough surfaces.

8 and 9 number clubs are good for the shorter approach. When you want to make the ball loft a little more, you can use these clubs to do it.

4.Pitching wedge

Pitching wedge clubs are good for approach shots. You can make a shot with these clubs to make them stop on the green.

5.Sand wedge

You must have noticed, there are some sand traps in the golf field. They are sand bunkers. It is a difficult task to hit from there.

With the help of a sand wedge club, you can make a shot to escape from the sand bunkers.


Putter type clubs are used to make the final shot. It has a flat face. So, it becomes easy to make a steady and accurate final shot towards the hole.


The more sugar you put in the tea, the sweeter it becomes. That means, if you want to buy best quality clubs, you have to invest more money.

But, if you are a beginner, then I will suggest you buy cheaper clubs at first. When you will improve, then you can buy expensive club sets for yourself.

Beginner level club sets will cost you around 150$-350$. Though there are many price ranges available in the market. To know more details about club price then just click this link “sports advice”.


If you are determined to get yourself involved in golf, then a set of clubs is a must buy products for you. Before buying the club set, make your mind about what you really want to do in golf. I hope you will find my article helpful and will be able to choose the best beginner club set for you.

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