DC vs CSK: Can Delhi Capitals maintain their form this season?
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DC vs CSK: Can Delhi Capitals maintain their form this season?

DC vs CSK: Can Delhi Capitals maintain their form this season?

Tremendous teams line up, one against another. This season is about to get intense – Delhi Capitals vs. Chennai Super Kings. Will Delhi Capitals be able to maintain form this season and get to the finals like last season? Let us discuss match predictions.


Delhi Capitals came in strong last season by getting to their first ever finals at IPL. The real question is whether they would be able to maintain their form this season as well?

Today match prediction might be hard to draw as Chennai Super Kings has an amazing bowling lineup. However, Delhi Kings has both a splendid bowling, as well as, batting lineup.

Where Delhi Capitals was lucky enough to get to the finals last year, Chennai Super Kings could not qualify when it came to the playoffs. It may have been because it was their first Indian Premiere League ever.

Both teams introduced new players to their squad and we shall see how far it takes them both! For now, Delhi Capitals has a total of 8 wins, as opposed to Chennai Super Kings with 15. Delhi Capitals has all the factors required to pull this off, would they be able to redeem themselves?

Delhi Capitals

Bowling lineup:

First off, let us take a look at Delhi Capital’s bowling lineup. It seems strong and promising as they have one of the greatest bowlers by side their side this season.

Amit Mishra is definitely a player that the opponents have to watch out for. He is well-experienced, and most triumphant Indian bowler that the history of IPL has ever seen. This leg-spinner tackles the ball like a wizard and gives forth spinners that leave the batsmen bamboozled.

Spin bowlers are surely something to fear when they land of the pitch. Delhi daredevils has one of the most ruthless spin bowlers for this season.
Ravinchandra Ashwin stands as not only India’s, but the world’s best spin bowler. His fantastic ability to spin the ball either ways and leg spinners are something that may not let the batsmen of Chennai Super Kings, survive in the field.

Ishant Sharma performed decently in the England vs India test series. He also picked up a few wickets against a pitch that seems tough for the fast bowlers. He seems like he is in form and can take up a handful of wickets this time.

Anrich Nortje is an exceptionally fast bowler and his pace would be something that may give the batsmen a tough time. Alongside his South African teammate, Kagiso Rabada, they definitely would be something that the batsmen would have to deal with.

Kagiso Rabada also earned the title of “Top Bowler” 2 consecutive years (2019 and 2020), having taken 25 and 30 wickets respectively.

Formidable Batting Formation

Atop of a strong lineup of bowlers, what gives Delhi Capitals a bit of an edge is their promising batting lineup.

Shikhar Dhawan need no introduction. He has been a splendid batsman of the Indian team who is nothing less than a delight to watch as he plays. He scored the Highest run score for the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2019 and IPL 2020, with a total of 521 and 618 runs respectively. This also achieved him the title for “Top Batsman” both the years.

This year, Shikhar Dhawan would once again be placed in either of the first two slots for Delhi Capitals.

Rishab Pant is a juvenile Indian batsman who also is a daredevil on the field. Having scored the Highest individual score of 128 runs and 103 sixes, Rishab might be hard to knock out too quickly. He also became the Top batsman with an astonishing 684 runs in IPL 2018. 2021, however has been quite the successful year for Rishab when it’s come to international cricket. This stroke of luck might end up working its magic for him in this match as well.

Along with these exceptional batsmen, Delhi Capitals also has Steve Smith and Ajinkya Rahane, who have been prominent in IPL Prediciton for their splendid batting.

All rounders

Delhi Capitals has Marcus Stoinis by their side who is an Australian player. Having played over the tough pitches that tends to be of a bouncy nature under Australian conditions, Stoinis is a trained all-rounder. This man bowls heavily and also has the knowledge of how to take balls on the toughest of fields.

The team may not have that many all-rounders, but their bowling and batting lineups a re so strong, they might have the advantage instance.

Chennai Super Kings

As opposed to Delhi capitals, Chennai Super Kings may only have some advantages Delhi Capitals might not.

MS Dhoni’s leadership

There is no denying the fact that MS Dhoni has been one of the most magnificent players in the history of cricket. He also seems to be the driving force that binds this team. He had led his team to the playoffs in all of the 11 seasons that the team had taken part in. This season, it is expected of him to bring back the trophy to Chennai Super Kings.

He also is a wicket keeper on the field. I suppose, there is only one question that arises; would Dhoni spare a single slip or mistake done by the strong batsmen of Delhi Capitals? Or perhaps, would those batsmen let Dhoni have a chance to knock them out so easily?

Powerful all-rounders

When it comes to fielding, Ravindra Jadeja is wicked on the field. His fielding might be something that gives the batsmen of Delhi Capitals a rough time.

Jadeja has also been a very eminent bowler,being one of the “Best Bowling Figures” and “Most 4 wickets”.

Besides that, Faf du Plessis, who is also the South African Captain, is a fierce fielder and batsman. This man has a very sturdy front footdefence, that also makes him a vital part of the team. In 2020, he also came amongst the “Top Batsmen” with 449 runs. His time on the field as a fielder has also played a crucial part in a lot of the matches.

Bowling lineup

Besides that, the bowling lineup seemed pretty decent for the Chennai Super Kings as well. They have bowlers such as Deepak Chahar, and Dwayne Bravo.
Because of his brilliant bowling skills, Deepak Chahar is mostly sent out by Dhoni to bowl in the first 7 overs, and is quite possibly, a bowler to look out for.

We all already know and love Dwayne Bravo. This man is the first player to have taken 400 T20 wickets, alongside other astonishing achievements. His works have left the world in awe. Would his magnificent abilities lead his team to victory once again?

Match prediction: Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings

The competition seems tough, and both teams have strong points. It may be hard to predict which teams wins at the end. Both teams are loved by their fans, but at the end of the day, teamwork, cooperation and fate, perhaps, might have to come together and decide who takes the win.
If Delhi Capitals play strategically and defend their wicket properly, they might have a chance of moving a step ahead into IPL.

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