How To Display Your Sports Memorabilia Using 3D Frames
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How To Display Your Sports Memorabilia Using 3D Frames

How To Display Your Sports Memorabilia Using 3D Frames

When people talk about “framing” prized possessions, they would think about items like two-dimensional art pieces like paintings or photographs. But nowadays, more people put their money in customising frames to display their sports memorabilia. These items do not only include autographed pictures or venue tickets. Some people also ask their go-to framers to put three-dimensional items in a frame to protect them from moisture, dust, or other destructions.

If you are new to sports memorabilia framing, you must have an idea about how three-dimensional framing works. It will allow you to determine which items can perfectly fit inside a frame so you can display it for the world to see.

What Is 3D Framing?

Framing three-dimensional items use either shadow box frames or acrylic cube cases to encase the objects. These are the usual frames that you will see when displaying important sculptures or 3D art pieces in a museum.

The items inside these types of frames are usually protected against different harsh elements like the direct heat of the sun, dust buildups, or humidity. It is one of the reasons why sports memorabilia items perfectly fit inside a 3D frame.

What Are The Differences Between Shadow Box Frames And Clear Acrylic Boxes?

Shadow box frames look similar to the usual picture frame. However, it is not as flat as the typical frame so it can accommodate items with different shapes and sizes. Also, the depth seen in a shadow box frame can be used to provide remarkable visual effects. Most of the time, shadow box frames are versatile and can be custom-made depending on the size of the item.

Meanwhile, the acrylic display cubicle cases are the ones that can showcase the sports memorabilia properly in different angles. You can flaunt it to anyone by placing the frame on top of a pedestal. It will allow people from all sides to appreciate the item inside the box. It is also the best protection from unwanted damages since the item is properly tucked inside the sturdy cube. As a result, worrying about any accidents that can rip or destroy your prized sports memorabilia is no longer necessary, especially if you have it insured.

What Types Of Sports Memorabilia Can You Display On 3D Frames?

There are no limits to the kind of sports memorabilia that you can put inside a bespoke 3D frame. If you are planning to have a shadow box frame made, you can fit some of your precious sports item collections like the autographed baseball or basketball of a popular athlete. You may also ask your framer to create a custom shadow box frame for sports venue tickets, the flag of your favourite sports team, or even the sports jersey of your number one sports icon.

On the other hand, you can have the framer create a customised clear acrylic box to display a plaque or trophy, the bat used by a famous baseball player, or the sneakers worn by your idol that you purchased through a sports auction. You can also display the autographed boxing gloves of a champion boxer through this type of frame.

Putting your sports memorabilia in a frame could be the best way to display your beloved collections. It can allow you to appreciate the beauty and value of the memorabilia, as well as keep it away from harm. You can ask your framer to make a bespoke display frame for your items so the beauty of your collection will last for a long time.

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