Dream11 Prediction | The Only Things You Need to Know

Dream11 Prediction | The Only Things You Need to Know

In India, the advent of online fantasy sports is helping many users to use their skills of a game, participate in a cash league and start winning huge money and that too, legally.  

The arrival of online fantasy sports platforms across leading games such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi and more has been helping users participate and win. 

Thus, if you are also someone who possesses excellent skills and knowledge about Cricket and trends that goes around it and other sports, then it is a good time for you. 

You can now create your virtual Team by picking members of the two teams that are set to play in a Live match. 

If your selected players score, then you also score points and win cash accordingly. Dream11 is one of the most popular online fantasy sports platforms that have millions of users who are winning cash rewards daily.    

However, if you were looking to win Grand Leagues on Dream11 and unable to get success, then you can do that by following a few relevant tips.

On Dream11, you may find many types of competition, but focusing on mega contests on it may help you win big. 

Any contest on Dream11 with 100 participating squads is what is called Grand Leagues. 

Playing Grand Leagues on Dream11 for more than 2 years, I have been able to accumulate some techniques and tips so that you are able to boost winning chances. 

If you employ the tips that I am about to give out, then I am 100% sure that it will increase your chances of winning. 

Here are my specially curated 5 steps that will help you win Grand Leagues on Dream11. All set to get started? Read on!

Research is the key

Ensure to research on the past performance of a player 

Before you decide to join any contest and Grand Leagues on Dream11, the pivotal thing to do will be researching a player’s recent and past performances by reading the Dream11 match Prediction. What I do is – I write a player’s last 5 performance in an excel sheet and analyze them. This way, I am able to make out which player is consistently performing and who is not. Based on this study, I build a basic list of players. 

Researching about the Cricket pitch is equally vital 

The condition of the pitch is another aspect that can hamper a player’s overall performance in a Live game. Bouncy and fast pitches support fast bowlers. If there is a flat pitch, then scoring runs on it is easier – it is a batsman paradise. Most of the T20 matches are played on a flat pitch. Spinners are amazing on a spinning pitch, and it is what you may see during Test matches.

Keep an eye on Team related news, injuries and probable playing XI

You should also be well-versed with the Team related news, possible injuries that may force a player from not playing and the most probable playing XI. Cricket sites like Cricbuzz and more publish news concerning this. You should be looking for all such news till the last minute. Also, the Twitter account of different Cricket Teams, Captain and more is an easy way to find out what’s in and out.

Know how to pick your virtual playing XI

Picking your virtual playing XI is vital, and it should involve the following points: 

  • To win any league on Dream11, all your selected 11 players need to be playing on a match day. 
  • Any doubtful players should not be in your Team. 
  • Inform players are what you need to have in your squad. 
  • Select 1 batsman who always comes to bat higher up the order. 
  • Pick bowlers who can manage death overs.

The selection of Captain and Vice-Captain does matter

If you want to win any Grand League on Dream11, then the selection of your Captain and Vice-Captain is of utmost importance. 

  • You should consider making the Captain and Vice-Captain of your Team, who is among the best in both competing Teams. 
  • All-rounder and an opener are the best options for these roles. 
  • It is not wise to pick bowlers as Captains/Vice Captains. 
  • Which leagues to join on Dream11

On Dream11, we segregate grand and small leagues on an average. I always ensure up to 20 competitors being small and 20 being grand. If you play in a small league, then your knowledge of the game and skill comes into the picture. On the other hand, a grand league appearance needs experience, luck and expertise to work in your favor. 

Hence, if you are able to implement the discussed points in this post, including correctly analyzing research post a match, follow the news, select your Captain and Vice-Captain and then join the right league will help you boost your winning percentage.

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