Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling sports that can bring you an array of health benefits. From strengthening your muscles to building stamina, it’s certainly one of the healthiest activities you can choose. If you’ve decided to embark on a biking adventure, you’ll need to make sure you have the right bike, biking gear and all the necessities with you before you go on your first booking trip. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the basic steps every booking beginner needs to make.

Get the right gear

Before you even start thinking about riding your mountain bike, you should make sure you have the proper gear. Safety should always come first, which is why you should look up comfortable and quality mountain bike shoes. Regular sneakers won’t match with the pedal you have chosen, so you’ll need new biking shoes to make the entire experience more thrilling. Next, you’ll need a safety helmet. In case of falls, you’ll want your head protected as much as possible. Look for the one with a tough outer shell and soft, comfortable padding. Wearing gloves can also be very useful, as it will allow you to have a better grip of the bike’s handles and protect your skin in case you fall down.

Get a quality bike and maintain it

Once you have obtained the protective gear, it’s time you chose the right bike. Don’t make any snap decisions, but take your time to look for the bike that will best fit your needs. Riding a bike in the city and out in the hilly terrain are two very different things. So, you’ll need to pick out a quality bike that will be able to withstand all sorts of bumps, hills and everything that comes with mountain biking. Feel free to check out Bikes Online and potentially find yourself the best pair of wheels that will offer you the best mountain biking experience ever.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to take some time for regular bike maintenance. That way you’ll ensure your bike never fails to transport you from the starting point to the finish line. What’s more, with regular maintenance, you’ll be sure your bike won’t stop functioning in the most critical moment when you can put your life at risk. If you’re not a mechanics expert, take it into the shop before you start riding it and the pros will take a look at it for you. They’ll look for any worn out parts, cracked or broken areas, or anything that seems off. Even if there’s a minor problem in question, if not fixed promptly, it can soon develop into a much bigger issue that can cost you your safety.

Learn how to properly ride the bike

Maintaining a proper position while riding the bike is of the essence. That’s what will prevent frequent falls and injuries. Only by staying in control of your movements will you be able to stay safe and enjoy the ride. When riding the non-technical sections of the trail, keep your knees slightly bent. That way you’ll switch to another position faster. When spotting obstacles, the best way to ride through them is to bend deeply in your knees and elbows. Make sure you shift your hips back and extend the upper body toward the handlebars. Riding the bicycle off-road will require you to know these positions well in order to have a safe mountain biking experience.

Practice gear shifting

Knowing when and how to shift between gears will significantly affect the biking experience. Namely, shifting gears frequently as you begin to practice mountain biking will allow you to build muscle memory so that in the future you can automatically shift in the right gear without even having to think which one. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you don’t wait to start climbing and then shift the gears, but do it before you reach the ascending terrain instead. That way, you’ll keep a steady rhythm and get maximum power.

Don’t sit down too often

One of the most important aspects of mountain biking is your body position. Your body will need to shift up and down, lean in and back depending on the terrain. The last thing you need is being thrown off your bike just because you didn’t know how to position your body. No matter how comfortable your seat might be, your legs need to absorb the shock when you hit bumpy terrain. Once you lift yourself and allow the body to separate from the bike, you’ll shift your weight and lean in more easily, allowing you to go faster.

Final thoughts

Mountain biking can be very exciting, but only if you know how to do it right. Therefore, be sure you go through all of the previously mentioned steps we’ve mentioned and prepare yourself for the rides of your life. Remember, safety should always come first, so get the right gear, learn your gear shifting and body position, and you’ll be mountain biking like a pro in no time.

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