How Much Does Total Package Hockey Cost and What’s In It For You?

How Much Does Total Package Hockey Cost and What’s In It For You?

Total Package Hockey-TPH is a center of excellence that features a concentrated environment with more focused (in the sense of dedication, of course) student-athletes. The setting takes a holistic approach to building these athletes/students, not just for a game of hockey, or for a vigorous study, but the ultimate competition of life.

Besides all the other things, parents and students have a common question that naturally comes when enquiring about such prospects: how much does Total Package Hockey cost? With this question and many others in mind, read below to satisfy yourself.

But first, what is a student-athlete?

This is the name given to any participant of an organized sports competition, sponsored by the educational institution. The student-athletes are full-time athletes, besides being full-time students. One doesn’t need to have a scholarship to be a student-athlete.

However, colleges do offer scholarships in athletics to such ones. So if your child or if you are one who thinks has the ability to take a program, this made for himself, he or she can be a student-athlete.

They are one of the most diverse groups on college campuses, of course, in the best way possible. Here, factors such as developmental readiness, physical and psychological skills, life goals and expectations, and academic preparedness, all such factors work.

Why do Hockey and Study need to be together?

Consider this, a 9th grader needs to study to be relevant and, of course, to be educated. On top of that, he will have to train and play if he happens to be an athlete. And not one of these can be put to a stall, and neither can cause him to sacrifice the other because that’s what he doesn’t want. What do you propose?

Let’s add more elements. With technological developments everywhere, you may want to incorporate tech into study, make the student/athlete more tech-savvy. So you have three tasks: getting him a good education, making sure he is technologically adept and of course that he has access to an excellent training program and plays well without sacrificing anything.

To specify, let it be that your child plays hockey. So you need to educate him, and overall education to have success in the game of hockey and life. You can be on-skill ice development, off-skill ice workout, training on adversities, what to do if the coach of the team puts him in a position he doesn’t like, or isn’t comfortable playing in, and whatnot.

School and hockey are being put together because everyone acknowledges that top-tier or, for that matter, future top-tier hockey players who require all the traveling that comes with high-level hockey need assistance in their school schedules, and need those adjusted.

This is where TPH comes into play. The Centre of Excellence (CoE) allows a hockey player’s skill set to improve drastically. It gives its students accredited online learning and innovation on-ice training and off-ice instructions.

A mere year of ice time and training will make such dramatic improvements which you wouldn’t have expected without a couple of regular youth hockey seasons. And unlike attending 5 seasons for all the practice and learning, the athlete won’t tire out but will flourish.

Background and current scenario of TPH

TPH works with Hockey Players of all ages, skills, and abilities professionally. You can be a first-timer or an NHL player, TPH will suit your needs and create a program fit for you. Backed by modern teaching techniques, skilled staff, and an innovative curriculum, this establishment is firm in its approach to make you better, passionately. But where did it all start?

Founded in 2001, Total Package Hockey didn’t start its operation until 2004 in London, Ontario. It started as a small hockey development program into this professionally huge one. Now, it is involved in maintaining year-round on and off ice hockey groups.

It acquired TPH training Center in 2010, and the training shifted from simple being on-ice training sessions to offering Skating Treadmill sessions, Team Training Programs, Speed and Agility Programs, Off-ice Training Programs, Shooting and StickHandling sessions, etc.

In the same year, TPH entered PEAC School for Elite Athletes in London, Ontario. This elite sports school, private, currently houses 34 native hockey players who also attend the Western Fair Sports Centre.

In the training center, students workout daily and attend classes later in PEAC classrooms, followed by hockey sessions with TPH itself. But this isn’t a fixed routine. Anyway, in PEAC London, anyone can enter schooling of grades 6-10, be it male or female.

TPH has always welcomed new programs that bring innovation to the table all through the years. In their structured yet fun environment, anyone will flourish if he shows dedication enough. TPH does its part by motivating the students but also holding them accountable for their actions, which teaches them a sense of responsibility and work.

They not only teach new skills but break it down for the student-athletes to understand how and when to apply it and in what situation to get maximum results. It is not just theoretical, they are taught how, when, and why to move their bodies while implementing such skills, an efficient and commendable approach.

If an athlete fails to understand how something works or why a movement has to be that way, he will be shown videos to help him. Even off-ice, the staff works with the strength development, understanding of skating, puck skills, conditioning, etc. to better prepare the players.

TPH Academic Sessions

For this, you need to know about the TPH High-Performance Hockey Academy. This academy fits players who need more practice time, interaction, direction, instruction, and information. But this does not happen every hour of the day since the academy works to improve 4 days a week and 8 months of the year for you, the rest is for you to prepare, naturally.

Players can master their skills within a timeframe that suits them, and it can put them in a small group setting or doing drills with high-performing hockey players. It all depends on the student, which he chooses or is advised to go for.

However, the academy understands and doesn’t expect you to have all the skills in you, even the lowest degree. But it also recognizes that to be a wholly balanced athlete, you will need certain skills and specific physical and mental strength to keep your cool.

So it will test you for your mobility and flexibility in the primary level and strength in the secondary. The coaches will customize your training approach, work on your fitness level, introduce a sports psychology, and much more. All of these will be only successfully possible when you maintain communication with the coach and don’t shy off.

There will also be report cards to help you understand your performance and for them to track you well at the end of each term. You can discuss all you need after that as time tells.

How much does Total Package Hockey cost?

With so much put into your understanding of a glimpse of how things work, the main question is: what is the cost of all these? It is roughly 12000 dollars per season for each student.

If you aren’t overwhelmed and would love to try TPH, you are most warmly welcome to have a scheduled visit at your nearest. But keep in mind that it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the dedication and passion for outdoing yourself, realize that there are players who just won’t stop at an NFL or Division 1, their hunger drives them, and so should yours.

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