NFL Playoff Divisional Round Expert Picks of 2021

NFL Playoff Divisional Round Expert Picks of 2021

Divisional Round Expert Picks for last week NFL playoff games was an offence. The 12 teams mixed to an average of 25.3points a match in the starting round, the most ever since 2013. One of the four offensive drives finished in a touchdown. And the 30 best players wound up feasting in the end zone. They had a record number of six other than four.

These numbers were recorded without the Green Bay Packers and Kansa City. The two teams had the best potent offences this round. The ones that may be similar to the two this weekend. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints at the Superdome. On Sunday evening, the coming match has an under/over total; of 52, and this is the second-highest on the line after the Chiefs match. Here is this week’s expectation on the coming matches.

Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers (-61/2)

Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, completed the regular season as the best passer in the league. Considering ESPN’s total quarterback rating, you will find it hard to give the Rams a challenge. Los Angeles finished second in the NFL with 53 sacks, but Green Bay’s offensive line. It made the second perfect pass-blocking unit in the NFL. This put pressure on Rodgers, just 24 per cent of his drop-backs. This was the third-lowest rate in the regular season.

When they put pressure on Rodgers, he was able to throw eight touchdowns with only one interception. Also, Rodger would be a perfect bet coming off a long rest. Since 2008, which was Rodger’s first year as Green Bay’s starting quarterback. The Packers have always been 9-3-1 against the spread. Having had at least 12 days of rest in the regular season.

This was covered by almost five points per match on average. But you should not expect this one to go over the whole (451/2). Rodgers and the Packers went under the total seven of their last ten times in that situation.

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills (-21/2)

The two teams last met during the 2019 regular season. Baltimore’s cover blasted Bills quarterback. Josh Allen on the 32 of his 46 drop-backs. This sacked him six times in that match.

The Ravens ushered the league in at a particular rate in 2020. Brought an extra man to continue the quarterback 44 per cent of the time. Now Allen has improved against the striking this season. He completed 66 per cent of his passing and a mean of 7.8 yards per try. His sack rate when a strike had also decreased from 10 in 2019 to four in 2020. Including last week’s playoff victory against the Colts. Meanwhile, his passer rating over the strike has increased from 78.4 to 111.6 in a single season.

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs (+10)

If Cleveland wants to exploit the Kansas City defensive, they should run the match. The Browns went for the third-most yards in the NFL this round. Their best rusher Nick Chubb led the game with 4.1 yards per carry after contact. His colleague Kareem Hunt covered the six most yards per possession after contact.

Also, Brown’s rusher Chubb guided the league in the shared yardage. This gave on the rushes of 15 or more yards. Meanwhile, Kansas City had the second-worst defence in the regular season. After increasing the strength of the schedule per the game outsiders. The victory of Chubb and Hunt may not be enough for Cleveland to secure a win. But always make sure to keep the Browns near ten points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (-3)

The Saints are looking for a three-match wipe of their divisional rival. After defeating the Buccaneers 34-23 at home in week. One and controlling them 38-3 in Tampa Bay in the ninth week. In those two matches Sports, the New Orleans quarterback Tom Brady to 45-of-74 passing for 410 yards. Also, they had two touchdowns and five blocks. The New Orleans quarterback Tom Brady had three blocks. No touchdown in the second contact, just as New Orleans defence began to hit its peak.

Adding to that match, the Saint’s block helped save nine points per game. In the second half of the season located in the down, space and field position of every player over them. That was somehow a turnaround, considering its defence priced New Orleans. Eight points per match in the first eight weeks of the year. And therefore, this ranked them 23rd.

Final Thought

Divisional expert round picks and predictions for this week are already out in professional betting sites. The only teams remaining are eight because AFC and NFC first seeds. City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers rested after their aggressive card weekend bye. Two victories and you are in the games disconnect the teams from the super bowl. The above article will help you know who will win this week’s NFL games.

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