Perasovic Contemplates on 14-Year Coaching Journey

Perasovic Contemplates on 14-Year Coaching Journey

The Croatian coach has a lot of history to write in the books for the future to read.

The Kirolbet Baskonia coach has been one of the famous figures in the EuroLeague. Velimir Perasovic continues to impart his legacy in the league as one of the best coaches that the game has seen.

Perasovic retired from playing basketball back in 2003. He was given then the chance to coach the Spanish side Caja San Fernando prior to the 2004-05 season. Despite a nice performance, he was fired midway through the team’s campaign. Not a year after, he replaced Pedro Martinez as the head coach of Baskonia.

Recalling his time, he had a great connection with the team. Back in his playing days, he won the Spanish Copa del Rey title back in 1995 and played in three straight Saporta Cup finals, before finally hoisting the trophy in their third stint in 1996.

‘I am sure they didn’t hire me because I was a great coach’, he continued. ‘I had the opportunity to coach a team that had been together for many years, and everything went well. We made it to the Final Four at the end of that EuroLeague season’.

Perasovic dominated the EuroLeague before. He claimed three straight EuroLeague titles with Split from 1989 to 1991. He became a key player in one of the teams that would go down as one of history’s best. No other team made a three-peat in the EuroLeague, other than ASK Riga from 1958 to 1960.

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Looking back in his first EuroLeague game back on November 30, 2005, he faced Benetton Treviso, which won the Italian League in that season.

He didn’t fear the strong lineup that David Blatt led. He led his team to come back and take the overtime victory. He inspired his players to claw out of the hole that they dug themselves into. He knew how it felt when teams collapse with their big lead in the game.

He coached Baskonia from 2005 until 2007. He won in the third-place game in his first year, but lost in the same game in his second year. His second year with Baskonia was much better, finishing with a 20-4 record.

He returned to Baskonia once again but lost in the quarterfinals. Throughout his career, he coached 214 games, in which he won 113 of those and lost 101.

Starting his coaching career at age 41, he never completed a full season but made a huge impact on his teams. Had he not retired in 2003, then his journey in the league would have never taken place.

He may not be as popular as Pablo Laso, but his legacy and impact in the game will never be forgotten. His principles will be remembered by many players he coached through his 14 years of coaching.

His coaching career took different turns and had its ups and downs, but he stayed doing what he loves most. Turning back the clock, he had a great coaching career that will be remembered in the history of the EuroLeague.

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