Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan – Teams, Pools and Winning Prediction

Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan – Teams, Pools and Winning Prediction

The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be the 9th edition of the Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan between September 20 and November 2. This will be the first time the tournament takes place in Asia, the first consecutive tournaments were held in the same hemisphere and also the first time the event took place outside the traditional sports center and the main thing is, You can easily watch rugby world cup 2019 Live stream.

The Rugby Championship ended and became a new title in the hands of New Zealand. A year after the Rugby World Championships, it is an opportunity for everyone to upsetting all blacks in Japan?

Rugby World Cup

Pool A: Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa

Ireland was a great champion in six countries and threw a rope in Australia, but traditionally struggled badly in the World Cup and was not beaten in the quarterfinals.

In the past They suffered for the duration of the World Cup that extended to his teams. But now their best club, Leinster, has an unprecedented depth; In the club he usually took team B and usually they win rugby at the club.

But even if it’s the best chance in years, it could be the worst. Anyone who wins or wins this group must play in the quarterfinals, New Zealand or South Africa.

Ireland currently occupies second place in the world and a party for both sides. A big team will die before the quarterfinals are over.

Prediction: win the pool, leave the quarter-finals to South Africa.

Scotland is the second best team in the world, but hardly takes the top ten away from home. Last year they lost at home with five points to New Zealand. That is their only loss at home since November 2016: since then, the Scots have put 50 points on Australia, defeating England, Wales, France and a number of other teams in their entirety at that time. Ireland is the only losing team that ends in a score.

But in the midst of this rich home run, they were beaten to England (61-21), Wales (34-7), lost to Fiji and became the first consecutive team to lose to the US. There is little to mitigate the bizarre difference in their home and exterior shape.

A neutral location can help. But they are opposed to Japan, which cannot be underestimated.

Anyway, they will play South Africa or New Zealand at some point.

Prediction: second prize winners in the swimming pool, exit in the quarter finals to New Zealand.

Japan is at home and their last game in the pool is against Scotland, so it can all be for playing. The tickets for that final match are highly sought after, even compared to Scotland’s ‘big game’ against Ireland, according to the ticketing site.

With the fans behind them and the poorest form of Scotland, there can be an upset.

Prediction: Japan, Samoa and Russia are leaving the pool stage and the first two places admirable fights.

pool stage

Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, TBC (possibly Hong Kong!)

New Zealand is now the favorite of every World Cup until the sun explodes and engulfs us all. But South Africa has underscored the weaknesses of its decisions by winning in New Zealand.

Beauden Barrett, player of the year 2017, has not even managed to reach a decisive goal to beat South Africa.

He is not very good under the charm, the critics said. A bad decision is not a bad player and he learned his lesson – do not expect a repeat in the knockout phase.

They have a star quality in abundance, experience in their first and second choice players and their coach knows how to win a World Cup.

Prediction: World Cup winners.

South Africa was in a desperate situation a year ago, but it recovered its courage.

They now look like the only team that can regularly beat New Zealand. The best for both teams is to come together. The loser continues. This is bad news for everyone because one of the two heavyweights will not be eliminated from the tournament.

Everyone else will have to go through one or the other to reach the final.

Prediction: second in the pool, losers in the World Cup final.

Italy, Namibia and TB are hit very generously in the pools.

World Cup final

Pool C: England, France, Argentina, USA, Tonga

It should be the pool of death. This is the hardest thing to predict, but simply because the best teams have been horrible and inconsistent (and sometimes very bad) over the past year.

England is not well placed and has only won one game since their victory against Wales at home in February. But England is so deep that it can control its players to survive the long tournament. In addition, they feel the bad luck of their exit phase in 2015 as an additional motivation.

With all their resources and experience, expect a strong England at the same time next year.

Prediction: win the pool, leave the semi-final to New Zealand.

France and Argentina have a mixed bag for years. France may appear during its day, but their national tournament has so much influence on their national team that they rarely have a good preparation. Many of their stars are struggling to gain time when importing into club games.

But with the long accumulation of the World Cup, they have time to contract (or will be the first high level exit).

Argentina had a better rugby championship with an out win against Australia and close games with the rest, but it came after a mediocre summer when they were defeated by Welsh “Welsh” teams and Scots. They behave well at World Cups.

If they can maintain their shape and not fall back into their championship habits, they will do well.

Prediction: France will close in the pool phase. Argentina lose to Wales in quarter-final

USA and Tonga to scuffle for fourth.

USA and Tonga

Pool D: Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay

Australia has been hit or missed for a while. They lost a series at home against Ireland, defeated South Africa and lost to Argentina at home, after which they made an epic return to beat Argentina. Their team is full of good players, from Israel Folau to David Pocock. That’s why they can beat anyone if they click. It is a big problem for more than one game at a time.

Prediction: second in the pool, coming out in the quarterfinals with a defeat against England.

We have not learned much about Wales for a while and I do not intend to learn much. Warren Gatland and former captain Sam Warburton have indicated that they will continue to lead their team in the fall.

At the last World Cup, their team was very small because of an injury. The rotation policy is therefore to protect runners from the long season and develop their second-choice players. It can pay dividends.

Gatland is very experienced and seems to like the long preparation of the World Cups, which gives him a chance to form his team.

Moreover, this is his last tournament before he retired from Wales after 11 years – his team will be happy to make him proud. With an unusual Australia, this would be the best chance he has had in years. But they will have to improve their poor reputation against teams in the southern hemisphere: in 39 games against Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in Gatland, they won only five goals.

Prediction: win the pool, leave the semi-final with a loss for South Africa.

Fiji and Georgia are fighting for third place. Uruguay will be winless.

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