What It Takes To Be Top Defender in Football

What It Takes To Be Top Defender in Football

Football training and soccer training as a defender becoming a better defender is a process that is improved the more experience and games that you play. To become a good player in any position it’s important that you watch the best players around the world that play your position. When watching a player be aware of is positioning, his awareness and how close he is marking an opponent etc. It’s important that you watch players carefully and try to mimic the way they perform, by doing this you speed up your understanding of the game, thus becoming a better player.

The modern defender has to be extremely athletic, by having good vertical jump results, good 20 m sprint results and physically dominant. These attributes are easier to train but take a lot of hard work. The best method of improving your athleticism is by plyometric. E.g. bounding (both double leg and single leg) lunges. By applying yourself to these exercises you improve the power your body is able to generate, resulting you in being a better athlete. You need to have good acceleration and lateral movement both can be improved during your football training (soccer training). It’s important that defenders are athletes these days to be able to keep up with the lightning quick strikers of the modern game.

Defenders always need to be dominant in the aerial battles. Being able to win the aerial contests give your team an added edge, if you are dominant in the air this is one less option the opposition has to attack your team. The key advantage a defender has over striker is that the defender is trying to win the ball and knock it away from danger, whereas the striker is trying to keep possession and potentially score or passed to another teammate. It’s important that defenders use their body when challenging for the ball in the air as this can be the difference between winning that header and losing.

It has become more apparent that the modern defender has to be able to use the ball effectively. They need to be old to play out from the back as often as possible, never giving the ball away cheaply resulting in an unnecessary danger. Watch the modern defenders such as Alessandro Nesta and analyze the way they use the ball efficiently. Being able to use the ball effectively and efficiently all comes down to awareness. It’s important your practice your awareness skills during football training (soccer training) as these skills will naturally flow on to your regular games.

There are many skills that defenders must learn and maintain during their football training (soccer training). It will generally come down to how hard you are willing to work on what sacrifices you are willing to make. Remember it’s important to try to mimic the best players around the world, though they might not be perfect but they do the right things most of the time, which is what managers want. Consistent defender who rarely makes mistakes.

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