Traditional Archery in Berlin You Love to Visit

Traditional Archery in Berlin You Love to Visit

Having evolved since the start of humankind’s history, archery is one of the oldest arts which is still practiced in many places in the world. And one of the best places to experience this amazing art is in Berlin, Germany.

Whether you are a full-fledged pro or a beginner in archery, Berlin is open for anyone interested to experience this classic form of art. Many archery tournaments and competitions are held in Berlin each year.

Berlin has proudly been the host of three finals of Archery World cup in a row. What makes traditional archery so special in Berlin?

Stay with us while we tell you why.

Traditional Archery

Now, you’re going to learn you need to know about the traditional archery in Berlin.

Simple and Fun

As classic as it can get, archery is also a simple and fun activity. Whether you consider this an art or just a game or sport is totally up to you. Beginners mistake this sport as an overly complicated one while in reality, it’s the opposite. In its base form, traditional archery is pretty straightforward and fun.

You just need a bow and arrow to begin. Learn how to strung and shoot and you are good to go as a starter. Practicing and mastering your aim, curve and timing are next if you want to improve yourself.

Vintage but Practical

Archery is surely a vintage thing but it is practical as well. Our ancestors used bows and arrows for hunting and surviving since the stone age.

The pragmatic benefit of practicing archery is that it improves your mental focus and resolve. Due to this reason, archery has been included as an extra-curricular activity in many schools and colleges around the globe.

One of the oldest forms of Japanese martial arts Kyudo (Way of the bow) is practiced initially for physical, spiritual and moral buildup.

traditional archery

Multitudes of Ranges

You will find many archery ranges and camps throughout Berlin where you can practice archery and put your mental steadfastness and focus to test. Competitive archery tournaments are always held in Berlin.

Therefore you can always take part in a tournament if you are really up for a challenge.

An Economical Sport

Sports can be really expensive sometimes and the more hooked you get, the more it can cost. Interestingly, archery is one of the few sports where the cost is minimal and one is not required to spend a lot of money to have fun to the fullest.


Traditional archery is really popular and widely practiced art in Berlin. Archery has always been famous and a part of our folklore and heritage. It is a fascinating game which will surely magnetize your mind.

Therefore You definitely can’t go wrong if you decide to do some archery in Berlin.

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