Week Two of the NFL Playoffs Have Some Important Rematches From the NFL Regular Season

Week Two of the NFL Playoffs Have Some Important Rematches From the NFL Regular Season

Going into the second week of the NFL playoffs, fans and players alike will look at the NFL stats between teams facing a rematch from earlier in the NFL regular season. The Divisional Round of the playoffs has some teams facing a rematch from the NFL 2021-22 regular season. 

With this in mind, the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs can be a repeat performance by the teams involved, or it can mean revenge for the teams that lost during their regular-season matchup.

With these rematches in the Divisional Round, are there things fans, gamblers, and players can look at to see who might come out as the winner of this weekend’s games? So let’s look back at the games from the regular season and see what they might tell us about what will happen in the Division Round of the playoffs.

49ers vs Packers, A Look Back At Their Week Three Matchup

During week three of the NFL season, the Packers (1-1) traveled to face the 49ers (2-0) for a Sunday Night showdown. The Packers would dominate the first quarter, scoring ten unanswered points. By halftime, the score would be 17-7 in favor of the Packers after both teams traded touchdowns in the second quarter.

The third quarter would prove to be promising for the 49ers, as they would end the quarter only trailing by three points with a 17-14 score. But a fumble and an interception would help keep the Packers in the game. 

While the 49ers would pull ahead with a late touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it 27-28, their defense couldn’t stop the Packers from scoring a last-second field goal to win the game 30-28.

What Each Team Can Do To Win The Game

If the 49ers want to have a chance in their Divisional Round game, their defense will need to step up and make the much-needed stops against a Packers offense that doesn’t let up. If the Packers want a repeat performance, they will need to have their defense keep forcing turnovers to kill the 49ers’ chances to score points. 

While both teams have changed a lot since their week three matchup, they have to look back at that matchup to see what they did wrong or right, to improve their chances of winning in the playoffs.

Rams vs Buccaneers, A Look Back At Their Week Three Matchup

In week three, Brady and the Buccaneers (2-0) traveled to Los Angeles to face the Rams (2-0). The game was expected to be a good one, and it was. It was also a game that saw some unexpected things from the Buccaneers’ offense. Tom Brady would pass the ball 55 times in the game for 432 yards on 41 completions with one touchdown.

If those numbers from Brady weren’t shocking enough, there’s more to come. Brady would be the leading rusher for the team with 14 yards on three carries. The Buccaneers two running backs had a combined total of 19 yards on nine carries. With Brady having to do all the work for the team, the Buccaneers fell short of winning, losing to the Rams 24-34.

Matthew Stafford had a great game for the Rams, where he passed for 343 yards and four touchdowns. The team also played a mostly error-free game, only committing one penalty and allowing only one sack on Stafford. Their clean play on offense and defense helped them secure the win in front of their home crowd.

Will This Rematch Be A Repeat Performance For the Rams?

Since their week three matchup, the Rams have acquired two new star players in Odel Beckham Jr and Von Miller. Miller strengthens a defense that was able to sack Brady three times in their last game. Beckham offers another offensive outlet for Stafford to look to, taking the heat off his number one receiver, Cooper Kupp.

The Buccaneers come into this game without the weapons they had in their first matchup. Brady will be without running back Leonard Fournette and wide receiver Chris Godwin. The offensive line is also weakened since that week three matchup, which could mean Brady might be getting sacked more in this rematch.

With all of this in mind, the Rams have a promising chance of having a repeat performance in Tampa Bay.

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