What You Should Know About Customised Exercise Gear?

What You Should Know About Customised Exercise Gear?

A lot of people love exercising both for its mental and physical benefits. Getting a pump of increased blood flow to the muscles and the rush of endorphins is exhilarating. But before exercising, you need to have the correct gear and activewear. Choosing the right gear as promotional items for your clients will send a message that you care for the health of your customers and shows that you have adequate knowledge about fitness as a brand yourself. But not any kind of gear will work. You need a set of customised excercise gear that is efficient, stylish, comfortable and attractive at the same time. But what are some of the things you need to keep in mind while selecting workout gear for yourself or as promotional giveaways for your business?

Why should you select exercise gear?

When you exercise, you sweat a lot. Ordinary clothes are not breathable, cannot absorb sweat or adequately regulate your body temperature. As mentioned earlier, workout gear refers to a set of clothes made specifically for working out. They are designed to prevent injury during a particular movement, improve performance and ensure you are motivated at all times. That is the reason why you see passionate gym-goers or fitness fanatics equipped with the proper gear during their workout sessions. Fitness enthusiasts will be grateful for receiving the appropriate apparel that will enhance the entire experience of their workouts and ensure they remain healthy throughout the year.

What are some of the items you should consider?

Although there are no standard rules for exercise clothes, there are some items that no fitness enthusiast cannot enjoy a workout. A few of these are shorts, shirts, tees, hoodies, activewear, towels, singlets, socks, t-shirts, leggings, running shoes, gloves, and sports bras (for women). The precise quantity of each can vary from one individual to another. For items like socks, it’s always advisable to have at least three to five pairs. Having an adequate amount of shirts, socks, and leggings is also mandatory since they get sweaty quickly and have to be washed regularly. While distributing giveaways, you should ensure sufficient quantities to reach the maximum number of customers or potential clients.

How to select customised gear?

Even though you will find a wide range of exercise gear available in the market, they might not serve your purpose. Your customers might find a material more appealing than others or favour a particular brand. In those situations, the only way out is customised exercise gear that has been specially designed to meet a wide variety of requirements.


Even though all workout attires are made from a particular material, there are differences in their functionality. While deciding what quality is ideal, you should consider its breathability and moisture management ability. If the fabric becomes wet, soggy and heavy after a workout, it’s absorptive and should be avoided. The material should also allow air to pass through pretty easily during summers and retain heat during winters. Some of your fabric choices are spandex, nylon, bamboo, merino wool, polypropylene, and polyester. The same rules apply to towels, socks and gloves as well. 


Wearing extremely loose clothes might feel comfortable but may cause problems while working out or even cause injuries in some cases. Most exercise experts think that tight clothing is the best option since it increases blood and lymphatic flow in the body and enhances overall performance. Regardless of the size you choose, they should not constrict the body’s movement during the workout in any way. 


The longer the workout clothes last, the more you will be noticed by others as a brand. However, you have to choose a type of fabric that is long-lasting. For instance, leggings, shorts and tights should last at least six months to a year, while socks require replacement between three to six months.

Selecting an excercise gear as promotional items will ensure that your brand’s presence and expansion are impressive since a significant number of people are fitness enthusiasts. But it would help if you did proper research before doing so since it concerns the health and well-being of your clients.

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