10 Reasons to Upgrade to an E-signature System

10 Reasons to Upgrade to an E-signature System

If you are accustomed to using paper documents in your office or when doing contracts and legal documents, chances are that you are spending a lot of time, money and resources. These are things you can cut back when you use electronic signatures. A free signature can not only benefit your employees by ensuring that documents are readily available on machines like computers but also increase workflow. You will have peace of mind when you know that your documents and information contained in these are safe and secure. Here are ten reasons why you need to upgrade to eSignature systems:

1. Fast document turnaround

Implementing electronic signatures helps to get clients and partners to sign documents in hours rather than waiting for days or weeks. The technology has helped ensure that documents are signed pretty fast and contracts executed within a short time.

2. Accurate transactions

Paper documents are prone to having errors done by the people who fill the docs. A free e signature software solutions provide mandatory fields that have to be filled correctly meaning you will have documents that are 100 percent filled and complete. This way, you eliminate the need of having to track down signers to feed information they did not provide or re-sending the documents to be resigned.

3. Client services

Using eSignatures allows your employees, customers, and partners to sign documents in any place and at any time and on any device. eSign technology allows fast and easy interaction of customers with your business. The customers are happy since transactions and records are executed fast and there is improve customer service.

Customers are today seeking faster services, they value their time and the traditional document signing process seems a burden on their shoulders. eSignatures come in to lighten the burden and ensure that customers sign documents fast. This way, they can enter into agreements or contracts with a company quickly and save their precious time.

4. Employee efficiency

Too much time is spent by employees faxing, printing, filing and retrieving paper documents. This is time that could be spent doing other productive work. eSignatures allows documents to be signed in seconds. You can have access to the finished documents because they are securely stored in cloud accounts. If you want to print them, you can also do that. When employees are efficient, the processes are also efficient. The workflow is enhanced and the workers are happy they are increasing their productivity.

5. Minimizes operational costs

eSignatures not only save time but also save on costs. Businesses that have adopted eSignature technology can attest to the fact that they are saving a lot in terms of operational costs. Using paper documents can lead to costs racking up quickly. You can do away with these costs by switching to eSignature systems for your transactions and records or legal documents.

6. Document security

While the degree of security on eSignature solutions may vary from one vendor to another, in essence, there is increased document security when it comes to the general use of eSignatures. Paper documents can be stolen, misplaced, or tampered with easily compared to electronically signed documents. You need to determine the level of security provided by an eSign vendor before you choose them so that you know your documents are highly protected and secure.

7. Legal evidence

Implementing eSignatures provides legal evidence more than paper documents. The signed documents are legally binding and come with more details about the persons who signed them, who handled them, and other things. An audit trail, which is a legally binding log of things or activities done on every document, helps in ensuring that the documents can be used as legal evidence.

8. Real-time doc tracking

In a signing process, when a document gets lost, it becomes very frustrating for the interested parties. Tracing the whereabouts of the documents can take a lot of time, and probably it may never be seen. However, eSigned documents can be tracked and you know at which stage or step of the signing process the documents are. You can check the status of the document and determine if a signer has signed it or not. The eSignature system can also automatically send reminder emails to the signatories asking them to sign the documents so that it’s not delayed in the process of signing.

9. Straight-through processing

In addition to document signing, a free electronic signature app can also be linked with your back-end system as well as routed to intermediaries. This means that you are not just collecting electronic signatures but also ensuring that they are distributed to the right individuals easily. People with access to the documents can check it. Since during the signing process, data fields are collected and verified at the location or point of signing, it means there are reduced cases of ‘not in good order’ or NIGO documents.

10. Third-party app integrations

eSignatures allows the integration of third-party apps in your business. Most old systems in your organizations heavily rely on single outside app use. They may also not have app integration capabilities. When this is the case, it can be hard to work with other parties who have full access to such benefits. eSignature solutions come in handy in ensuring there is seamless integration with the existing and future systems of your business. You can integrate the system with your business process management or CRM systems to enhance customer experience and improve workflows.


An electronic signature is an ideal solution to the problems experienced when signing paper documents. There is increased flexibility, speedy, and accuracy in document signing. In addition, there is enhanced the security of the documents. You can have the documents stored in cloud services where they are accesses anytime, and by any authorized individual. Besides, your businesses reduce the costs of operations because there is no need for paper-based document signing.

If you haven’t switched to electronic signatures, this is the right time because the platform for using them has been set. You don’t have to worry about legal issues, compliance, and other issues. There are also practical issues like adaptability and admissibility which businesses and the eSignature vendors have tried to address.

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