11 Exciting UI/UX tips to Enhance User Experience

11 Exciting UI/UX tips to Enhance User Experience

Generally, if a user visits a website the type of experience involved in it plays a major role. The web developer takes some time to provide an enhanced amount of the user engagement. The landing pages are meant to be the backbone for the website design. A failure in the landing page is more or less similar to that of the grossing zero business.

In a situation of you find yourself in an annoying place, then what will be the result for it? There is no any place for the return. It is better to leave the web page as soon as possible and then search for the business elsewhere. The landing pages should be an attractive one so that there is a consistency will be reaming. Hence, be sure that you design great UI. Here some of the tips are provided to boost the website engagement which automatically can increase the conversion rate.

1.An Impressive Homepage

The web pages on a website should be user-friendly and the most important point is that the homepage should be user-friendly. Since the homepage is the first page while accessing the site. Websites are easy to follow and it also provides the best user experience. There should not be any of the over-whelming and it should have the important data above the fold. The most important point is that the data should have the sub-headings, shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences and also the bullet points which increase the user engagement including the conversion.

2.Consistent Designs

The most important thing is to recognize the brand and also the organization’s image to create a well-defined consistency. Here, the same type of fonts, colors, schemes, and the layout designs are used. This one automatically helps the folks to become a familiar one with the imagery and the brand.

3.Flexible to Follow Through

When the folks visit a site, they are looking forward to obtaining the data that they need to solve an issue. The User Experience Designs makes an efficient one throughout the process and there are also some possibilities for the distraction which automatically increases the user’s engagement. The sites which are completely complicated make the data a difficult one and also it decreases the user’s experience.


The web pages that do not load within the short period of time may cause to lose the visitors. The pages that load within the shorter period of time are ideal one subjected to that of the visitor’s attention. In case if the web pages are loaded in the stages. The folks can await certain components of the site; encourage them to wait for a web page to get loaded.

5.Ignore Distractions

The call to action should be an efficient one for the folks to view. In addition, anything that you want from the user should be a flexible one to find. Unnecessary things should not be included on the homepage. It is not only distracting; it also diverts the user’s attention to the other major areas. Mapping process helps the users to always remain focused and also increase the engagement. The website owners have a clear focus for each of the web page and make an efficient one for the developers subjected to that of the webpage layout and the other user experience designs.

6.Detach Broken Links

In case if your site has an irrelevant link, it should be detached immediately. The links do not lead to the other relevant sources, the perceived value of the organization decreases immediately. This one automatically has a poor perception of the functionality of the website.

7.Enhance Search Feature

It is always important to include the search feature for the folks who have the difficulty to look for. This one creates the disappointment which results in a scenario of leaving the site altogether. The sites make to be more valuable and thus making the relevant data to find.

8.Usage of Videos

Some of the web pages have the videos which enhance the user’s experience automatically. Not only to the certain queries but has it also enhanced immediate credibility.


Since most of the web users access the websites with a list of different devices, make sure that the user experience designs include compatibility along with the different electronic devices which include the desktop computers, laptops, and the tablets etc. It is better to test the different devices before it is launched.

10. Provide Contact Data Easy To Get Through

Most of the web users get irritated when the organizations do not provide adequate contact data. Adding of the contact data for a concerned contact page; it will be useful for the folks to get in touch with you.

11. Make The Call To Be An Understandable One

Generally, the UX designs which are above the fold can automatically enhance the conversion rate. Definitely, the designs should be a simple one as the contrasting color scheme makes an efficient one for the users to follow. By using the terms such as the so forth, by now are much easier for the folks to know what they are exactly doing.

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