3 Ways Air Conditioners Can Help You Live Better

3 Ways Air Conditioners Can Help You Live Better

Ask an AC repair center in New Port Richey and you will know the number of service calls they get during the summer months. It comes as little surprise that many AC repair companies in hotter states like Florida take emergency calls 24×7. However, contrary to popular belief, an AC is not just for the summer months or for beating the heat. There are several ways in which a well-maintained AC can contribute to your well being.

AC Makes You Healthier

An AC unit is vital for your health, especially if you have one of the following health issues:

  • Allergic to airborne particles and fumes, stale air, and insecticides.
  • Suffer from respiratory conditions.
  • Cannot move without assistance.
  • Frequently suffer from sinus.

Mould, dust mites, and fungus present in the air can trigger an asthma attack in people with respiratory problems. An AC’s filtration system helps to remove these particles from the air and improves the indoor air quality significantly.  As a bonus, the AC unit also filters out virus and bacteria and thus helps to avoid several bacterial and viral infections. At a cooler temperature, germs spread rapidly. By keeping the room cool, your AC curbs the growth of illness spreading microbes. As long as you have your AC filters cleaned regularly, you will be protected against several medical conditions that are aggravated by air pollution.

AC Facilitates Automatic Regulation of Body Temperature

Maintaining optimal body temperature (which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) is essential for cold prevention and maintenance of general health. Having a consistent body temperature also helps you live longer. Frequent drops and surges in body temperature can cause long-term damage to your body. Human systems are not designed to constantly struggle to regulate its temperature in extreme hot or cold. If your body has to do it repeatedly, it will get tired and over time develop several medical issues. Air conditioning solves this problem by helping your body to regulate its temperature.

AC Can Help Seniors and Infants Avoid Heat Illnesses

For infants and older adults, heat-induced illnesses can be a huge concern. People from both the age groups are very much susceptible to heat-related health issues. The recent tragedy involving the death of eight residents at a nursing home facility in Hollywood Hills that went powerless following Hurricane Irma is a good case in point. Both children and elderly adults tend to get dehydrated and overheated easily. These conditions, in turn, cause other symptoms such as dizziness and confusion. What is the best way to reverse these symptoms? Help increase their fluid intake and make them stay in a cool place. Round the clock air conditioning is, therefore, a must for households with babies and seniors, in particular for those living in hot climates like Florida.

Environmentalists often complain that air conditioning impacts the environment negatively. Given that ACs account for eight percent of American household’s power consumption, you cannot dismiss their view as baseless. However, ACs consume a lot less electricity than heating units, which account for 41 percent energy consumption across the country. Also, ACs are becoming increasingly energy-efficient, reducing household’s carbon footprints.  The new generation of SEER-rated AC units is helping both consumers and manufacturers to reduce energy costs. By using these sophisticated units, you can enjoy the wellness benefits of ACs without any guilt pangs. However, you need to service your unit regularly to keep it in good health and optimize its efficiency. If even then, your AC starts malfunctioning, seek help from a skilled technician. You can easily find AC repairing companies in the southern cities like New Port Richie or Miami. All you need to do is find out a reputed name in the market and sign an annual maintenance contract.

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