4 Benefits of Analytics for your Shopify Business

4 Benefits of Analytics for your Shopify Business

Analytics is a great way to know about your Shopify store performance. Whether you are leveraging a mobile app or an eCommerce website, the analytics dashboard will effectively tell you about various parameters of your store like online store sessions, returning customers, total orders & more. How can this benefit your Shopify Business? Read on to know more!

4 Benefits of Shopify Analytics for your eCommerce Business

  • Know About Customer Behavior

This is one of the best benefits of leveraging Shopify eCommerce analytics for your mobile app. You can easily understand customer’s interests, their purchasing behaviors, common complaints & many more in the analytics dashboard. You can use the crucial data to improve products & services in your Shopify Mobile App.

  • Target Returning Customers

Once you Setup Shopify analytics you will also have the option of checking the rate of returning customers. Based on those numbers, you can send out push notifications to target the returning customers. You can either offer them one-time discounts, special deals & cash backs so that they can stick to your brand and become loyal customers.

  • Improve Conversion Rates

One of the other benefits of Shopify analytics is the ability to check online store conversion rates. This will act as a real-time report of the number of customer conversions (sales) happening in your Shopify store – either through the eCommerce website or the mobile app.

If these numbers are falling then you can take corrective actions to stabilize it.

  • Enhance Mobile Deep Linking

You can also check product view times, average order value & online store sessions in the Analytics dashboard. This will help you to understand the interest of customers in a particular product. Use the data to effectively showcase such products in push notifications, product collection & smart banners so that customers can purchase them even more. This results in improved sales, better profits & excellent business continuity.

These are some benefits of Shopify Analytics for your Shopify Store Business.

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