4 Big Data Trends That Will Dominate 2021

4 Big Data Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Big Data is an amazing technology that has the potential to affect any aspect of your enterprise. Recent surveys have pointed out the fact that innovation & transformation primarily drive organizations into investing in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So, what are the 4 Big Data trends that will dominate 2021? Read on to find out!

4 Big Data Trends 2021 that You Should Know About

1. Big Data on the Cloud – Remotely Access Data from Anywhere

Cloud Computing has been a boon for many enterprises owing to the onslaught of the pandemic.

While cloud computing services were being adopted by enterprises at a slow pace, the pandemic accelerated its adoption across various industries & businesses.

Leading reports state that around 50% of companies all around the world leverage cloud to manage a minimum of one Big Data Workload. Experts estimate that cloud services will contribute to almost 90% of Data & Analytics Innovation.

2. Big Data in IoT–Streamlined Data Analytics

IoT solutions have been deployed by various large & small enterprises to improve the ability of analytics.

Now, IoT solutions will be integrated with Data Analytics & Machine Learning to improve the flexibility of systems. But, that’s not all! Companies can also enjoy improved accuracy of responses with the help of Machine learning.

3. Edge Computing – Big Data Analytics Trends for 2021

It is being predicted that Edge computing will receive a major boost in 2021. Many organizations are turning to newer business models which will require edge computing.

You might wonder about the decrease in Cloud Computing due to the emergence of Edge Computing.  However, Cloud will still continue whereas 5G & AI will accelerate the adoption & use cases of Edge Computing.

4. Augmented Analytics – Accelerated Decision Making

One of the prominent Big Data trends that you will witness in 2021 is Augmented analytics.

This innovative trend will streamline & accelerate decision making by centralizing & simplifying the data architecture. But, that’s not all! It will also automate Data Management Tasks!

These are 4 exciting Big Data Trends 2021 that you should know about.

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